Spain or Portugal? Which is the best Iberian destination?

Spain or Portugal… Portugal or Spain? Which should you go to…? This is a doubt that emerges in many travelers’ minds. Both are well-known tourism hotspots, but most importantly, they offer a wide range of things to do and guarantee of a great trip. Here, we will explore what each country offers to help you figure out if you should travel to Portugal or Spain!

Portugal and Spain are neighbors and rivals since… ever! Besides sharing the Iberian Peninsula, they share many characteristics, history, heritage, and even culture. To better understand the differences and similarities, we will compare the countries under the following terms:

  • Tourist attractions;
  • Natural beauty;
  • Beaches;
  • Culture and heritage;
  • The people;
  • Eco-friendliness;
  • Nightlife;
  • Food scene;
  • Travel infrastructure;
  • Travel safety;
  • Costs;
  • Number of tourists;

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Spain vs Portugal – travel

Tourist attractions and landmarks in Portugal and Spain

Tourist attractions and Landmarks are probably the main reason anyone travels to a country, so it’s a critical topic to discuss in this comparison. First of all, we need to say that you’ll have plenty of things to do and see whether you end up choosing Portugal or Spain.

Both Portugal and Spain are loaded with tourist attractions. However, Spain is a much bigger country (5 times) and thus, has way more things to do and see. And, honestly, they are more impressive. Let’s explore some of them.

Some of the most well-known and visited attractions and landmarks in Spain include:

Spain Or Portugal?
UNESCO World Heritage- Alhambra in Spain | Spain or Portugal? Which Iberian country is the best destination?

As you can see, Spain is impressive, but what about Portugal? In Portugal, you can find:

So, Spain wins this and clearly. But again, it’s not that Portugal doesn’t have some great attractions, it’s Spain that’s one of the best destinations in the world in this regard.

Tourist attractions and landmarks in Portugal and Spain
UNESCO World Heritage Ribeira, Porto in Portugal – Portugal vs Spain

Natural Beauty and Landscape of Portugal vs Spain

As we said, Portugal and Spain share many features making them somehow similar, but with a few striking differences.

Spain has a much wider variety of landscapes, primarily due to its size. Spain has something for everyone! Spain has the Pyrenees, Asturias, and the Sierra Nevada, if you want mountain charm. The Mediterranean coast and the islands if you want beaches. The beautiful rugged northern coast is excellent for surfing and sightseeing and obviously, the hot and dry interior, if you like that kind of appeal.

Portugal is much more defined by the Atlantic Sea, with a long coast and many coastal cities. Algarve is the summer beach capital of Portugal, with many beautiful beaches and coastlines, and the interior and rural Portugal is rustic and lovely. Finally, the Azores and Madeira are indeed wonderlands and help Portugal go to the next level.

We were tempted to give a tie here, but Spain will take the win. Spain has essentially everything Portugal has and then some more.

Top activities to do in the Basque country
The Basque Country in Spain – Portugal or Spain

Beaches of Portugal Vs. Spain

This is not an easy-to-compare item; both Portugal and Spain are world-famous beach destinations. Plus, the beaches are somehow similar, which isn’t surprising… The beaches in Algarve are similar to those on the Mediterranean coast, and Portugal’s western beaches are similar to Northern Spain.

Algarve has a beautiful coastline, with some dramatic cliffs, caves, sandy beaches, and nice warm water, but it’s already outside the mediterranean sea, so the water is cooler than in Spain. The Portuguese west coast is home to some of the world’s best surf spots, like Peniche and Nazare (which is world-famous for its giant waves).

It is also loaded with picturesque and scenic beaches like the ones in Arrabida, Pessegueiro Island, Berlengas, and Caminha. Yet, the water is considerably colder, making them easy on the eyes but very difficult to dive in.

Best Beaches of Portugal
Algarve Beach, Portugal

Northern Spain also has several well-known surf spots, particularly in the Basque country. In fact, we believe that the beaches in northern Spain are probably the most underrated of Spain’s attractions. They are stunning; however, the water is cold, and that puts away lots of people.

On the other hand, Mediterranean beaches are well known for their warm water, family-friendly daily activities, and hot nightlife. It’s no wonder Malaga, Valencia, Almeria, Murcia, and so on receive millions of tourists annually!

All in all, it really depends on what you are looking for. If warm water is the most important, then the south of Spain is the obvious answer, while Algarve is the best Portugal option. Well, apart from the small Porto Santo Island in Madeira.

Suppose you prefer to explore the coastline, enjoying small villages and less-visited beaches. In that case, you are probably better off on Portugal’s west coast, but note that the Asturian, Galician, and Basque coasts are also fascinating. We absolutely love the Basque Coast. Check our Basque coast itinerary to learn why.

Overall, we believe people tend to prefer the Mediterranean-like beaches, so Spain takes this one, but only by an inch.

Things to do in Marbella
Puerto Banus in Marbella, Spain

Culture and Heritage to explore in Spain and Portugal

Despite Portugal being independent for more than 900 years (with a short union during 60 years during the 16th and 17th centuries), the countries share a lot of history, and both nations had a significant influence on world history.

One easy way to assess this is by noticing that Spanish is the second most spoken language globally, and Portuguese is the sixth. Both Portugal and Spain went through the Moorish period and then had “Reconquista” together and were the two leading players of the Age of Discoveries soon after.

Portugal has 17 sites (16 cultural and one natural), while Spain is home to 48 (42 cultural, four natural, and two mixed) sites. The Portuguese number is impressive, but Spain is the 3rd country with more UNESCO sites inscribed.

You’ll have more sites in both countries than you can visit, so this won’t be a problem. You’ll find aqueducts, walls, fortifications, cathedrals, bridges, complete city centers and old towns, monasteries, mosques/Cathedrals, Moorish Palaces, and so much more!

What is Portugal famous for?

Which is the best country to visit? Portugal or Spain
Guimarães Castle in Portugal | Spain or Portugal

In Spain, you’ll also find a considerable number of festivities spread all over the country and throughout the year. Some of the most famous are the bull run in Pamplona and the tomato fight in Buñol. In Portugal, the most important festivities are the June festivities of Santo António, São João, and São Pedro.

Spain is also much more diverse than Portugal. In fact, there are several different cultures within Spain, with the Basque, Catalans, Galician, and Andalucian being very different from each other, with different languages and even independentist movements.

What is Spain famous for?

In conclusion, both countries have very strong cultures, with plenty of peculiarities, festivities, music, dances, and arts for tourists to explore. Like the landmarks and destinations, Portugal is very impressive in this, but Spain is even more! If Portugal had a huge global influence, Spain had even bigger!

In fact, the thing with Spain is that you always get the feeling that you need to return because you missed so much… no matter how long you stayed.

Where to go in Spain and Portugal
UNESCO world heritage site – Burgos Cathedral in Spain

Eco-friendliness in Spain and Portugal

Both Portugal and Spain have been working towards being more environment-friendly. We have visited Spain many times, during the last 20, 25 years and we live in Portugal, and during this time it’s evident that there have been massive improvements, but we find that streets are now much cleaner than they were, which is great to see.

There’s also a big push towards recycling, though there’s a lot to be done. They have also been reducing air pollution and carbon emissions.

It’s rather difficult to separate the countries in this item, so we will give it a tie.

The People of Portugal vs Spain

The interaction with the locals dramatically influences our experience in each country, and we find the Portuguese very different from the Spaniards.

In general, the Portuguese are quiet and relaxed. Portugal has a very laid-back vibe, perfect for anyone on a trip or vacation. Tourists usually also find the Portuguese to be very helpful and easy-going. The Spaniards are much louder and more proud people.

Finally, The Portuguese also speak much better English than the Spaniards. In both countries, the younger generations speak much better English than the older ones, so, with more or less difficulty, you’ll be able to communicate.

All things considered, we think the Portuguese people make a difference here, and Portugal takes this one.

reasons to visit Portugal vs Spain
Nazaré street vendors in Portugal

The nightlife of Spain vs Portugal

When it comes to nightlife, Spain wins clearly. Spain is world-famous for its parties and nightlife while Portugal is only… average.

Spain comes to life at night. The Spaniards love to go out with friends and family to have a drink, party, and tapas/pintxos. There’s something for everyone, and it’s usually top-notch, from the pintxos bars in San Sebastian to the legendary parties in Ibiza, Malaga, and Marbella, and Madrid and Barcelona’s discos. All of this attracts thousands of tourists every year.

In Portugal, the nightlife is good, but nowhere near the level of popularity of their neighbors. It’s also much more concentrated in Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve. In the rest of the country, there isn’t much happening at night.

Cordoba at night
Nightlife in Cordoba Spain

Best Food – Spain or Portugal

Do you really travel if you don’t try the local food? Yes, you do. But, for us, not indulging in local delicacies is not an option! We love trying new things and eating what the locals eat… mostly! Among Portugal and Spain, who has the best food? This is a difficult one, but we prefer Portuguese food to Spanish. Though, we know Portuguese food better than any other… Let’s explore a little about each cuisine.

Portuguese food isn’t as widely famous as Spanish, but it still greatly influenced world cuisine. The Portuguese took spices from the East to the West and many ingredients from the Americas to the rest of the world.

Portuguese cuisine is famous for extensively using salted cod (Bacalhau). You should try it in a couple of different ways when in Portugal. One other thing that tourists love in Portugal is the wonderful fresh fish and seafood. Besides being delicious, it’s much cheaper than in Western Europe and the US. Some of the things you should try in Portugal include:

  • Bacalhau à Bras
  • Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá
  • Peri-Peri chicken
  • Pastel de Nata
  • All the conventual sweets you can find
  • Francesinha
  • and so much more! Have a look at our complete guide to traditional Portuguese cuisine!
Portuguese cuisine vs. Spanish cuisine
Traditional Portuguese dish- Bacalhau

Spanish food is somehow similar to the Portuguese, particularly in fresh seafood, fish, and smoked meats. As in everything else in Spain, food is also very local or regional. The food from Galicia is different from the food in Valencia, for example.

In this regard, we need to mention the Basque country with some of the best food in the world. San Sebastian’s pintxo bars are out of this world. The most famous thing about Spanish cuisine is probably the tapas/pintxos, which aren’t really one dish but a way of serving the food.

Tapas have quickly become international, with tapas bars/restaurants everywhere. Besides tapas and pintxos, some of the most famous Spanish food include:

  • Paella
  • Cured meats like Chorizo and Iberian Ham
  • Gazpacho
  • Polpo à Feira
  • Churros with hot chocolate
  • Fabada asturiana
  • Patatas bravas

We will have to give a tie to this one. The food will probably create some of the best memories on a trip to either Portugal or Spain!

Portuguese food vs Spanish food
Traditional Spanish dish – Pulpo à feria

Travel Infrastructure in Spain vs Portugal

Spain is more prosperous and developed than Portugal, reflecting the travel infrastructure. However, the difference isn’t that big. Portugal is more than ok, and you’ll probably have no problems moving into and around the country.

Portugal and Spain have a good road network and highways connecting the bigger towns. Though in Portugal, there are fewer free highways. Public transportation also seems to work fairly well in both countries, but Spain has high-speed trains, and Portugal doesn’t.

Spain has many more airports than Portugal, but the country is also bigger. Both have lots of cheap flights from Europe through several low-cost airlines.

In hindsight, Spain wins this one, as it’s slightly better in every aspect, but as we said earlier, the travel infrastructure isn’t something you should worry about in Portugal or Spain.

beautiful Ronda Bridge | Spain or Portugal
The beautiful city of Ronda in Spain

Safety in Portugal or Spain

We talked about things you don’t need to worry about… travel safety in Portugal and Spain is another. Portugal and Spain are some of the safest and most peaceful countries to visit. You must be very unlucky to encounter any problem, particularly violent ones.

That being said, Portugal usually ranks higher than Spain. Portugal is just safe and relaxed. According to this rank, Portugal is the 6th safest country in the world, while Spain is very safe but only ranks in the top 30…

You should know that even in the safest countries in the world are areas that aren’t as safe and that you should be aware of your belongings everywhere, particularly in places with lots of people and lots of tourists.

So, Portugal wins this item.

Spain vs Portugal - Pedestrian bridge in Mirandela Portugal
Cute city of Portugal – Mirandela

Spain or Portugal, which is less expensive?

Spain and Portugal look like great destinations, but are they affordable? And which is cheaper?

Portugal and Spain are the most budget-friendly destination in Western Europe and some of the cheapest among developed countries. Between Portugal and Spain, Portugal is cheaper than Spain.

Portugal is all-around cheaper, with lower costs of lodging, food, internal transportation, and activities. The only thing where Portugal tends to be more expensive than Spain is the plane ticket. The difference tends to be minor and even small if you are coming from Europe on one of the Low-cost airlines, but it’s usually easier to find inexpensive tickets to Spain.

If you look at the backpacker index, you’ll notice that Lisbon is cheaper than any Spanish town on the list. You should also note that Lisbon is Portugal’s most expensive place to stay. Well, maybe the Algarve is more expensive during the summer. The rest of the country is much cheaper, particularly the attractions and food.

However, this is also valid for Spain. Those rustic small towns from Spain are much cheaper than Madrid, Ibiza, or Barcelona.

Either way, Portugal wins, and it’s the cheaper option.

Best Beaches of Portugal vs Spain
Moledo Beach in North of Portugal – Spain vs Portugal

Number of Tourists in Portugal vs Spain

As a whole, neither Portugal nor Spain is off the beaten track. Portugal receives about 12M tourists annually (with a population of 10M), and Spain hosts more than 80M tourists annually (40M people living there). Note that Spain has more tourists per local and per sq2 than Portugal.

It’s easy to see that both countries are top-rated, but you should also remember that both nations receive much more tourists during Summer and in their significant towns. Also, tourism is still increasing in both countries, but it’s increasing faster in Portugal.

In Portugal, tourists tend to go to Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve, while Spain, Barcelona, Andalusia, the entire Mediterranean coast, and the Islands are probably the most tourists. There are very few tourists if you go to a smaller destination, like Guimaraes or Burgos, during the low season. And the same goes for Spain. While cities like Lisbon or Barcelona are difficult to enjoy during Summer.

So, Portugal still has fewer tourists, so it wins this one. But don’t expect to have popular destinations for yourself…

Portugal or Spain Travel
Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain – Portugal or Spain

Portugal vs Spain Conclusion

In conclusion, and with no surprise, Spain wins this comparison 6 to 4, with two ties. However, this doesn’t mean much. It would be best to remember what you are looking for on this trip and which country better caters to it.

And you should travel to Spain if you are looking for:

  • Beautiful Mediterranean beaches with warm water;
  • Long history with an endless number of heritage sites;
  • Huge variety of Landscapes
  • Vibrant nightlife;
  • Good food with a wide variety of cuisines;
  • Cheap, but not the cheapest in the region;
  • Have at very least two weeks to travel around, or you won’t even scratch the surface;
  • Don’t mind the crowds, particularly in Summer;
  • Safe travel destination;

So, you should travel to Portugal if:

  • You have less time but want to know a country full of history;
  • Delicious food from a lesser-known cuisine;
  • You are on a tight budget but want to visit a Western European country;
  • Safety is a huge concern of yours;
  • A laidback and relaxed atmosphere;
  • very nice locals;
  • prefer small coastal towns to beach resorts;
  • water temperature isn’t that important;
  • you are looking for a unique culture that helped change the world

The good thing about choosing between Portugal and Spain is that you can’t go wrong. In many aspects, you are choosing if you want a good thing or a very good thing. You are bound to have a great time on the Iberian Peninsula.

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