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Unlike most of the other travel sites, the story of doesn’t start with its founders quitting their jobs to travel! It actually starts with them accepting a new job, in a new country, Angola! In some way, you could say that Travel Drafts (or its predecessor) is Angolan, or at least it was born in Angola!

Our Story

Travel Drafts started as a way to share our adventures in Africa, both as expats and as travelers. Angola is a fascinating country with some of the most beautiful sceneries we have seen, but it’s mostly unknown to the outside world. Thus we decided to get to know it better, travel, experience, and share it!

After 3 years in Angola, we returned to Portugal and continued to develop this project of General travel and information with a series of article about famous things, landmarks and travel tips.

At the same time we started Portugal Things, the sister site of Travel drafts. This site focus on anything Portugal, from travel tips, to cultural traits, history and even food!

Our mission

Travel Drafts was created to provide quality information about traveling, namely independent, adventurous travel! We are passionate about traveling and want to share this passion with you by providing travel inspiration, great tips, and thorough information.

Meet the team

Claudia Bastos

Co-founder, Travel Writer and Foodie

Claudia is a physiotherapist and a clinical Pilates instructor. Claudia was born in South Africa and worked in Portugal, Angola, and Belgium. She loves new adventures, trying new things, and daydreaming. She’s obsessed with coffee (lots of coffee), cheese, spicy food and street markets.

Claudia is our food specialist but loves to write about travel health using her knowledge as a physio! Her motto is “be happy with what you have while working for what you want”!

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Jorge about us About Us

Jorge Bastos

Co-Founder, Travel Writer and budgeting specialist

Jorge is a economist who loves to travel. He worked in Portugal, and in Angola as the Head Financial Controller of a international transports and logistics company. When he is not traveling or sharing is adventures he loves sports (almost every sport), chocolate, and people watching.

He is always planning new trips and discovering new places he wants to go. He explores his ability in finance and planing to help you plan your trips, take the most of your dollars and travel more, smarter and better.

The Story Behind The Brand

We wanted a simple, easy to remember name and logo, which was connected with the idea of traveling and had a meaningful symbology.

The new brand name “travel drafts” evokes the idea of planning a trip which is ultimately the goal of the site, provide great travel info to help people have great trips!

After a long process of experimenting we decided that the symbol should reference to an Astrolabe.

The Astrolabe was an instrument used to make astronomical measurements, typically of the altitudes of celestial bodies, and in navigation for calculating latitude, before the development of the sextant.

This instrument was used by navigators to calculate their location in the map and it’s an iconic symbol of the Portuguese Age of Discoveries, thus being a perfect symbol to a travel site founded by Portuguese!

independent travel guides

In our logo, the Astrolabe is represented with a dark yellow in an analogy to the golden color of the ancient astrolabes. The typographies highlight the word drafts in agreement with the word’s meaning.

Together, the symbol and the typography make the site’s identity and with a unique presence and the new brand in accordance with its values.

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