Our unique travel guides are series of everything you need to know before traveling. These “50 things travel guides” give you all the info about the people, the things to do, see, and eat. Plus, the costs and the saving tips!

travel gear

Do you want to discover what it works and what it doesn’t before starting your trip? We research the best travel gear so you can make an informed purchase.

Guide to Angola

We lived in Angola for 3 years and it changed us and the way we see the world! In this series, you’ll find everything we learned about Angola. The country, the people, the costs, the good and the bad things about living in Angola! Plus, this is mostly a travel blog so you can also discover the great destinations in Angola, a  country almost untouched by international tourism!

Portugal Travel Guide

As Portuguese, we want to inspire you to travel to Portugal and teach everything about our country! From the food to off-the-beaten track destinations, without forgetting the major travel destinations and beaches.

What is Malaysia Famous for

Famous things about

Blog series where we invite fellow bloggers to write about what each country is famous for!

things to do in Kazbegi and the Georgian military road


The Caucasus is still overlooked by tourists, but it has an incredible potencial. Georgia and Armenia are must-travel destinations.

What to do in Perhentian Islands

South East Asia

South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Check why, where to go and what to eat.

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