Peneda Geres National Park travel guide – Things to do and where to stay

Peneda-Geres National Park is a unique place in Portugal, home to landscapes that you can’t find elsewhere in the country! It’s the only National Park in Portugal and integrates UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves. It’s our favorite nature spot in Portugal, and being so easy to access from Porto or Braga makes it a perfect day trip or an even better weekend getaway!

Considering this, we compiled all the travel information and created the ultimate Peneda Geres National Park Guide!

What’s the best time to go to Peneda Geres National Park?

It depends on what you want to do while visiting Geres. If you want to go to the beaches and swim in the lagoons, it’s only possible from May to September. Most watersports (like canyoning) are also much more pleasant during summer.

On the other hand, if your idea is to go trekking, discover new places, and relax, you can do it in any season. So, Peneda Geres National Park is a great choice all year round.

What to do in Geres National Park
Dam of Vilarinho da Furna in Peneda Geres National Park

How is the climate in Geres?

Usually, summers are hot, with a minimum average of 18ºC and a Maximum of 30ºC, with low levels of rain. Spring and Autumn are mild, with average temperatures ranging from 8ºC to 23ºC.

Winter is quite rainy; sometimes, it even snows on the highest mountains. In winter, average temperatures range between 3ºC and 10ºC.

How to travel to Geres?

The easiest and best way to go to Geres is by car. The roads are good, and driving in Portugal is pretty straightforward. It takes one hour/1h 30 from Porto and less than one hour from Braga. If you are driving, you can easily do a day trip from any of these cities. However, Peneda Geres National Park is big and full of things to do; thus, we advise you to take at least two days to really enjoy it!

In case you don’t want to drive, you can use public transport to go to Geres, there are buses from Braga and Porto. Or, you can even go on a Private tour. But, again, the best way to visit Geres is to rent a car and freely travel around.

Peneda Geres National Park travel guide
The natural beauty of Peneda Geres

Best things to do in Peneda Geres National Park

Peneda Geres National Park covers quite a big area, and in general, it is an excellent spot for adventure and outdoor activities. It has several villages, lookouts, forests, trails, and many other attractions you can visit. These are our favorite places to visit in Geres.

Best villages to visit in Geres

Castro Laboreiro village

Castro Laboreiro is a village in the northwest of Penena-Geres National Park, in the municipality of Melgaço. It is considered one of the most attractive villages in Portugal because it’s home to a few fascinating features.

Castro Laboreiro castle is probably the most famous, but the medieval bridges and churches, community ovens, mills, and even their own particular dog breed give this village a very special feel.

If you want to experience the local cuisine, we suggest the steaks in the restaurant Miradouro do Castelo. It isn’t the best food you’ll ever eat, but it’s good and with significant portions. You can make a base in Castro Laboreiro and spend the night in Hotel Castrum Villae, which offers excellent value for money. Click here to check current prices.

Most interesting villages in Geres
Castro Laboreiro village

Castro Laboreiro Castle

This is not your ordinary castle, this one is hidden between the rocks, almost invisible from afar! It’s also somehow difficult to access. There are no roads to it, only an 800-meter trail that goes from Castro Laboreiro village to the castle. The trail is very rocky with some steep parts but doable by almost everyone.

There isn’t reliable information about when the Castro Laboreiro Castle was built, but it’s older than Portugal! It was conquered to the moors during the Reconquista by the first Portuguese king and later rebuilt to the current structure.

From the castle, you get an incredible 360º view of the village and the surrounding mountains. It’s one of the most impressive lookouts in Geres!

  • Price: Free
  • Time required: 1h30, including the trail.
Things to visit in Geres
The view from Castro Laboreiro Castle in Peneda Geres National Park

Lindoso village

The village of Lindoso is located very close to the Spanish border in the municipality of Ponte da Barca. It’s a typical village with old granitic houses. Very close to the old village is the Lindoso Dam, which completely changed the views, creating a vast blue lake.

The most essential attractions in Lindoso are the Castle of Lindoso and the set of 50 stone granaries (the espigueiros).

Where to go in Geres National Park
Lindoso village and the Espigueiros

Lindoso Castle

Lindoso Castle was built in the 13th century to protect and defend the country’s borders. Spain is less than 5 km away. It is considered an essential military monument due to the innovative techniques used in its construction, though it was only relevant during the Restoration of the independence war.

There is also a permanent exhibition about the human occupation in this region, from the Neolithic to the present. The castle is pretty well preserved, and it is fun to walk around and enjoy the views.

  • Cost: 1.5 Euros for the exhibition
  • Time required: Less than 1 hour
Most interesting villages in Geres
Lindoso Castle

Espigueiros de Lindoso

Right next to the Lindoso Castle are the espigueiros. The castle walls offer you the best overview of the espigueiros, though we highly suggest you walk between them and explore the area for a bit.

The 50 espigueiros, from the 17th and 18th centuries, were used to dry corn and prevent animals from getting to them. The ones in Lindoso are entirely made of stone and together make quite a rare sight.

  • Cost: free
  • Time required: 15 minutes
How to visit Geres National Park
The beautiful Espigueiros of Lindoso

Pitões das Júnias Village

Pitões das Júnias is a village located in the eastern region of Peneda Gerês National Park, in the municipality of Montalegre. It’s a very isolated area, probably the least visited region in the park, but it’s also home to some of the most interesting Geres attractions! The incredible Junias Monastery and the stunning natural waterfalls are very close to this small but authentic village.

This village is also a great place to have lunch/dinner. The restaurant Casa do Preto serves excellent local meat. We suggest you have the T-bone steak of Barrosã beef! If you want to spend the night, we enjoyed staying there. It has a nice, comfortable, family atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and clean and have WI-FI and TV. Check here to check the prices and here the TripAdvisor reviews.

  • Cost: Free
  • Time required: 1 to 2 hours, depending on how fast you hike and how much time you take to enjoy the views
Most interesting villages in Geres
Pitões das Júnias Village

Santa Maria das Junias Monastery

This Cistercian monastery is located 2 km from Pitões das Júnias. The Monastery was built in the 12th century, though its origins go back to the 9th century. This was abandoned after the extinction of the religious orders in Portugal in the 19th century. Nowadays, most of it is in ruins, but it still has some great Romanesque remains.

Located in a magnificent valley, isolated from civilization (and mass tourism), the ruins converged with Nature, creating a bucolic place where one feels relaxed and comfortable. Usually, there’s very little (or no one at all) around, and we can have the place ourselves. This is one of our favorite spots in Geres National Park.

Geres tourist attractions
Santa Maria das Junias Monastery

Vilarinho das Furnas Ruins

Vilarinho das Furnas is an old community village in Gerês National Park. It was abandoned and flooded after the Vilarinho das Furnas Dam was built in River Homem. The Dam created a vast lake, changing the scenery completely and making the village disappear.

You can still trek along the lake to the village, and during the dry season, you can see and even visit the old village’s houses, ways, and walls. If it’s low enough, you can even walk into the ruins. The trail to Vilarinho das Furnas and back is roughly 5.5 km (almost flat), and it’s much more worth it in summer when the lake is at its lowest…

  • Cost: Free
  • Time required: 2 hours will allow you to trek to and from the village and gives you enough time to play around and take photos.
Where to go in Geres
Vilarinho das Furnas Ruins

Best waterfalls in Peneda Geres National Park

Geres is also known for having some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Portugal. In some of them, one can even dive into the water and bathe. Note that in the peak of summer (August mostly), some waterfalls may have too little water and too many people.

Tahiti Cascades (Cascata do Tahiti)

The Tahiti cascades are also known as Fecha de Barjas and are located close to the community village of Ermida on the River Arado. They are located very close to the road, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to access. You’ll need to climb down a very steep and slippery hill; at some points, you’ll even need a rope. It isn’t safe for small children, but for those who can descend, they are really worth a view and, if the weather allows it, a dive.

Best waterfalls in Peneda Geres National Park Travel guide
Tahiti Cascades

Peneda waterfall (Cascata da Peneda)

Peneda Waterfall is located in the Peneda mountain range in Arcos de Valdevez municipality. This is a big waterfall (in winter particularly), and you can see it from far away because of the white foam created by the falling water. These falls are very close to the Peneda Sanctuary, and the river actually goes through the sanctuary before reaching the more significant Peneda River. The river and the sanctuary make this area very appealing.

What to do in Geres in Portugla
Waterfall and Sanctuary of Peneda in Gerês

Arado Waterfall (Cascata do Arado)

This is one of the most beautiful, most visited, and easily accessed waterfalls in Geres National Park. It’s located in Vilar da Veiga, and it even has picnic facilities for anyone to use. Unless it’s really crowded (summer weekends and August), it should be easy to park nearby. There are several tourist routes and trails in this area. It’s perfectly possible and enjoyable to spend the full day hiking and bathing around the Arado River and the waterfall. Note that in the Summer, this waterfall loses much of its water.

Best waterfalls in Geres National Park
Arado Waterfall

Portela do Homem waterfall (Cascata da Portela do Homem)

This waterfall is located on the edge of Peneda Geres National Park, very close to the Spanish Border. It’s also located on the restricted access road in Albergaria Forrest; thus, you have to walk the last stretch. Note that it’s much closer to Park on the Border than on the other side.

All this region is terrific (check the Albergaria forest part of this article), and this small waterfall that ends on a perfect blue lagoon only makes it better. It’s possible and advisable to dive into the river Homem.

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Pitões de Junias Waterfall (Cascata de Pitões de Junias)

Located on the edge of Pitões de Júnias villages referred to above, this 30+ meter waterfall is a pretty site, particularly in winter, full of water. This is more of a waterfall to see than to bathe.

It’s almost impossible to reach it, but there’s a pleasant wooden walkway to a beautiful lookout. This is a lesser-known area of Geres, so it’s unlikely to find huge crowds here.

Best waterfalls in Peneda Geres National Park
Pitões de Junias Waterfall

Things to see in Peneda Geres National Park

Pedra Bela Lookout

Pedra Bela is by far our favorite lookout in Geres. Heck, it’s probably our favorite lookout in Portugal! It’s located almost 900 meters high and allows an incredible view of the park! The mountains, Caniçada Dam Lake, the rivers snaking through the mountains, the native forest… everything is in your sight, and what sight it is!

  • Cost: Free
  • Time required: 30 minutes from Geres Village.
Pedra Bela Lookout in Peneda Geres National Park
Pedra Bela Lookout

Albergaria Forest (Mata de Albergaria)

Albergaria forest is the heart of Geres, it’s probably the most important place and why Peneda-Geres is a National Park. It’s a magical forest predominantly of secular oak and includes other local species of fauna and flora. You can’t go to Geres and not go to Albergaria Forest.

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Albergaria Forest is also home to the Homem River Waterfall, one of the most famous in Geres. It is crossed by the famous Geira – the famous Roman road between Braga and Astorga (Spain).

However, these woods have conditional traffic due to the increasing human presence. There are three ways in/out and a fee of 1.5 Euros to enter. You can’t park or even stop until you get out of it. During the holidays and weekends in the summer season, it is even prohibited all motorized traffic!

  • Cost: Crossing by car costs 1.5 Euros; trekking is free
  • Time required: It all depends on what you want. Driving through is only 15 minutes… But you can trek all day…
Things to do in Peneda Geres National Park
The unique Albergaria Forest

Geira – Roman Military Road

Geira is the old Roman military road that connected Braga to Astorga, which crossed Peneda-Geres National Park. You can still see parts of this road, particularly the one in Mata da Albergaria, where most milestones are.

The distance to civilization and without human pressure, this part of the Road was well preserved, and it’s now part of Geres’ archaeological patrimony.

Things to see in Peneda Geres National Park
Geira – Roman Military Road

Misarela Bridge – Devil’s Bridge

Misarela Bridge is hidden in the gorge created by the Rabagão River. To go there, one must hike down from the village for about 1 km. It’s a steep descent but perfectly doable by everyone. It’s estimated that the original bridge dates to the Middle Ages and was rebuilt in the XIX century. Legend says the devil itself built it, thus the name.

The bridge has only one arch, and it’s 13 meters long, though more relevant, it’s the bucolic environment created by the gorge, the huge rocks, the bridge, and the river. Furthermore, very close to the bridge, a waterfall makes the already fantastic scenery even more memorable!

  • Cost: Free
  • Time required: 1-2 hours – more if you want to relax or dip into the river.
Things to see in Geres National Park
Misarela Bridge – Devil’s Bridge

Peneda Geres National Park Hiking

Peneda Geres has a seemingly endless amount of hiking trails for you to try. They go deep into the park, to places where it’s impossible to reach by car or bicycle. If you love nature, this is an excellent way of enjoying yourself in the park. These are some of our favorite hiking trails in Geres.

Pitões de Júnias Trail

This short but steep trail allows you to see the Monastery and the waterfall of Pitões de Júnias while enjoying contact with nature. This is an excellent option if you don’t like to waste too much time just walking but still enjoy doing trails and nature. As said above, this area is less visited, so you’ll probably encounter few people around.

  • Length: 3 to 4 km;
  • Duration: about 1h30, but it depends on how much time you stop in the village, the waterfall, and the monastery;
  • Level:  Average, due to some steep parts;
  • Location: Pitões de Júnias, Montalegre;
Hiking in Peneda Geres National Park
Pitões de Júnias Trail

Roman Geira Trail

We have talked above about the Geira, and you still can drive through it, but it’s much more fun if you walk it! You can stop and enjoy each part of it. Plus, the Geira goes through some of the most beautiful parts of Peneda Geres National Park.

  • Length: 10 km
  • Duration: About 3 hours
  • Level: Easy, the trail is pretty flat.
  • Location: Campo Geres & Terras do Bouro
Peneda Geres National Park Hiking
Roman Geira Trail

Calcedonia Trail

The most significant point of interest in this trail is the massive Calcedónia Rock, with also has a considerable gap that crosses entirely from one side to the other. It’s also one hell of a lookout. This is an excellent option if you like trails with a destination. There also used to be a Roman (and pre-Roman) settlement in the area. One can still see some (few) signs of it.

  • Length: 7km
  • Duration: About 4 hours
  • Level: Average
  • Location: Covide, Terras de Bouro
Hiking the Calcedonia trail
Views from the Calcedonia trail

Portela do Homem – Minas dos carris Trail

This is a very long and probably the most challenging trail on this list. It’s also our favorite. The trail highlights the abandoned Wolfram Mines and the whole Homem River valley, starting and ending in the beautiful Portela do Homem Waterfall.

  • Length: 22 km
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Level: hard (long and with high accumulated vertical meters)
  • Location: Homem River High Valley

Note: we only list trails you can do in one day. So, no long, multi-day trails here, but they do exist in Geres.

Where to stay in Geres

If you are thinking of staying at least one night in Geres National Park and are wondering where to stay in Geres, you should note that there is a huge variety of Hotels in Geres, from small boutique hotels to bigger ones, from low-budget hostels to more expensive Hotels and Spas. Here, we’ll list some of our favorite Geres’ Hotels.

Geres National Park Guide

Low-budget hostel or guest house

Hostel Geres is an excellent option in central Geres. If you are traveling on a tight budget, this hostel is centrally located, very cheap, and clean. Due to the great prices, this hostel usually sells out very quickly…

Click here to see if it’s still available

Mid-range good value-for-money hotel

Hotel Lagoa Azul do Geres is our best mid-range option in Geres! The hotel is centrally located, with nice rooms, wifi, and all the expected commodities. However, the best thing about it is the breakfast with a view. The hotel is right in front of the Caniçada dam, and you get to have breakfast looking at the beautiful scenery created by it. This one is very appreciated by couples and families.

Click to check prices and availability during your stay in Geres

Best Hotel & Spa in Geres

Tempus Hotel & Spa – Singular’s Hotels isn’t located in Peneda Geres National Park, but it’s close enough for you to go there and return quickly. However, this hotel is amazing, with indoor and outdoor pools, spa treatments, a wellness center, and a restaurant. If Geres wasn’t so great, you could be tempted to stay the whole day enjoying the hotel! Furthermore, it’s much cheaper than expected for so many amenities.

Click here to see if it’s available during your trip

Finally, a historic hotel, the Águas do Gerês  – Thermal & Spa Hotel. This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, hotels in Geres. It still retains its old style but with new and modern comfort. This is your option if you want a thermal hotel inside Geres National Park. With the plus of being a historic and well-preserved hotel.

Click here to check prices in Águas do Geres Hotel.

Finally, in Peneda Geres National Park ( well, in Portugal), we strongly advise you to use to book your accommodation. It’s easily the most prominent provider in Portugal, and our experience almost always offers the best prices.


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