What is Australia famous for? 15 things fully explained

Today’s episode about the famous things across the globe is about Australia, so we have asked our fellow travel blogger Ben of “Horizon UnknownWhat is Australia famous for? This is what he came up with!

There are a number of things Australia is famous for. From deadly creatures to meat pies, golden beaches to Australian slang pretty much a whole new language.

Australia is often seen as one of those countries that are completely unique. As an Australian, it took me a fair bit of travel to realize some things are Australian.

It’s always interesting to hear what other countries think about Australia – some are true and some not so much. Sure, there are some common culture shocks in Australia, but many of the great things about this great nation are well known.

Here are the 15 most well-known things about Australia. I’m pretty sure a few will surprise you as you read through this list.

15 Things Australia is famous for

#1 The Deadly animals (aren’t as bad as you think)

One of the most common comments I get, “everything in Australia wants to kill you”.

Now I’m not going to lie and say venomous snakes and poisonous fish aren’t in Australia because that would be a lie.

The Eastern Brown Snake (2nd deadliest snake in the world) and the Funnel Web Spider (8th deadliest spider in the world) aren’t uncommon, but I’ve only seen a handful of each during 23 years of living in Australia. 

To be fair, Australia is home to the Inland Taipan as well, the deadliest snake in the world, but humans rarely come into contact with this species.

There are crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks, and plenty more snakes and spiders out there that can turn your beautiful day exploring Australia into a rush to the hospital. 

It might be that I grew up to always check my shoes for something that might bite me or check my hand placement before picking something up, but I don’t think Australia is that deadly.

Sure, they are out there, but encountering these deadly animals is few and far between.

What Is Australia Famous For
Eastern Brown Snake

#2 There are plenty of other iconic animals as well

Apart from dangerous animals, Australia is known for its iconic animals as well.

You’ve probably heard of kangaroos, emus, wombats, and the platypus. These are the furry icons of Australia, whether they hop, waddle strut, or swim, they all bring something unique to Australian wildlife.

Playing into the first point, some of these animals can also be dangerous.

Kangaroos are incredibly strong and their kick can really hurt. The swimming platypus, although they look cute, they have stinging barbs under their arms for protection. Not to mention the “Great Emu War” of 1932 (there wasn’t actually a war, but it is an interesting part of Australian history).

Things Australia is famous for
Group of Kangaroos in a Wildlife Park in Australia

#3 Vegemite Spread

Ah yes, vegemite. Not everyone is a fan of this vegetable flavored yeast extract and can you really blame them? 

This savoury spread is an acquired taste for sure, as even a thin layer can be too much for some.

Commonly spread on toast (though I have seen it go well with a variety of foods), it’s found in most kitchens throughout Australia ever since it was invented back in 1922.

So what does vegemite taste like? Well… it’s hard to describe. I’ve heard that it’s a “really intense soy sauce” and judging by the salty flavor, it’s not the worst way to put the taste down into words.

One thing to note, Vegemite isn’t nearly the same as marmite. You’re sure to raise a few eyebrows if you confuse the Australian national spread for the English version of marmite.

#4 Beaches are pretty amazing

Growing up on Australia’s east coast there wasn’t a shortage of waves breaking on golden sands. 

If you had to pick one image that springs to mind when Australia is mentioned, there’s a pretty good chance it’s of a beach with an endless blue horizon.

Plenty of Australia is surrounded by beaches and most are safe to swim at, some specific areas of the country are known for crocodiles and sharks infesting the waters . 

As long as you swim where others are enjoying the surf, or between the red and yellow flags (indicates a lifeguard patrolled beach) you’ll be fine!

Bondi Beach (in Sydney) is one of Australia’s most well known stretches of golden sands and rolling surf. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular destination for Australians and tourists alike.

Enjoy the ocean – it’s one of Australia’s biggest drawcards and it’s plenty of fun.

Interesting things Australia is famous for
Nobbys Beach Newcastle – What is Austria known for

#5 The Outback

The Australian Outback is mostly empty, hot and far away from any modern civilization. Yet, it’s still one of the most common things people associate with Australia.

Red sand covers the open plains that can reach 50C during the summer months. While not many people call the outback live in the Outback compared to the coastline of the country, plants and animals call this Australian icon home.

Covering millions of square kilometers and stretching into 3 states and 1 province, the Australian Outback is huge. 

While it may be a source of great adventure, make sure you’re well equipped and aware of the risks of venturing into the red center of Australia.

#6 Australian foods are unique 

From meat pies to a backyard BBQ, Australia has a lot of foods that aren’t totally unique to Australia but defines a lot of the iconic food you’ll see around.

Let’s start with pies. Being a tradesman back home, the typical “smoko” (that’s your first break at work) meal was a cheese and bacon pie with a “choccie” (chocolate) milk. Don’t worry, we will get to the typical slang Australians use in a little bit.

The variation of pies in Australia means there is something for every taste bud. 

BBQ is also an extremely common way to cook a great meal in Australia. But no, ”shrimp on the barbie” isn’t really a thing. For a start, we call them prawns. 

A sausage sizzle, or snags, is a common meal to come from a barbecue. If you’re ever by the hardware store called Bunnings, keep an eye out for their nation famous sausage sizzle. 

#7 The Iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House

I can think of a few important structures, but one of the most famous things about Australia is the image of Sydney’s Opera House and the Harbor Bridge next to it.

Sydney Harbor Bridge – This giant metal arch stands 134meters (440ft) above the water and took 9 years to build. If you’re after a great view of Sydney, you can climb the bridge on a guided tour.

Sydney Opera House. The most recognizable performing arts building in all of Australia sits on Sydney Harbour. To see the inside you can catch one of the shows regularly played within the white fins.

Stuff Australia is famous for
View of Sydney’s Opera House and the Harbor Bridge

#8 There is plenty of history in Australia 

Historically, Australia’s history shaped the country into what it is today. From ancient times anywhere 70,000 to 40,000 years ago.

Australian Aboriginals traditions are one of the world’s best-preserved in the entire world. For example, the boomerang is traditionally a hunting weapon and they are incredibly hard to throw well.

More recent times saw history of the convicts. Between 1788 and 1868, it”s estimated around 162,000 people transported from Britain and Ireland to penal colonies in Australia. Creating wooden buildings, ship sails and rope, as well as a range of other tasks, convicts helped to shape the nation. 

famous in Australia
Convict Lumber Yard is a heritage-listed site in Australia – what is australia famous for

#9 Aboriginal People and Culture

As mentioned above, Australian Aboriginals have called this nation home for thousands of years. It’s safe to say the ancient culture of these peoples have helped shaped the nation.

With sacred traditions and sites, the culture of the Aboriginal Australians can be seen in many ways. One of the most common items associated with aboriginal culture is the boomerang, a hunting weapon that is incredibly difficult to throw. 

Australia’s natural icon, Uluru, (also known as Ayers Rock) is sacred to the indigenous population of Australia. This huge sandstone rock stands 863 meters tall. While climbing on the ancient site was a common practice, it closed in November 2017 due to its importance to native Australian communities.

#10 Relaxed people

Australians are typically seen as relaxed and easy-going. Personally, I’m usually described that way at least.

You’ll often hear “no worries” as a way to tell someone that there was little effort or issues in doing something. It’s really common, I still say the phrase daily.

But being so chill is a trait most countries have about Australians. 

No matter where you are, you’ll encounter those who are relaxed and approachable.

what is Australia famous for
Newcastle beach in Australia

#11 We like to swear a lot

Yeah, we do. I love to swear, probably a little too much.

Swearing in Australia can have a lot of different meanings. To understand what is meant by a four-letter word, you need to pay attention to both tone and context.

The four-letter word can mean plenty of different things in Australia. It could be a threat, a sign of aggression or it could be a friendly term between two mates.

It all depends on those two things – context and tone. The way a word is delivered is much more important than the word itself if you want to understand its meaning.

#12 We also like to drink a lot 

Ah yes, Australia is no stranger to a beer or two, or 15. We don’t need much of an excuse to have a drink. 

The drinking culture in the nation is huge. Your 18th and 21st birthdays are usually the biggest get-togethers and often the end of the night will turn to be a little messy. 

If you’ve ever heard of the television show, Wheel of Fortune, Australians adapted that and mixed in the cheapest wine you’ll ever drink – goon.

Goon of Fortune is when you peg a 5-liter goon sack to a diamond-shaped close line that spins horizontally. Whoever the sack stops on has to have a massive drink or “skull” some. As you can imagine, this game can be over pretty quickly for some contestants.

What is Australia known for? Beaches and beach vibe
worldwide famous Australian Beaches

#13 Slang is a different language

You’ve probably read a few words so far that you’re not too sure what they meant, especially without an explanation. 

Australian slang is our second language. Sometimes it can be confusing even for Australians speaking slang of different areas around the nation.

But, here’s a basic rule to follow to get a basic understanding of a lot of slang words.

We like to abbreviate words. Usually words will be shortened and then a letter will be chucked on the end of the word to give it that classic Australian twist. Mayonnaise will almost always be known as “mayo’ and a biscuit is often referred to as a “biccy”. 

Sometimes, words don’t follow a rule. Crikey is one of Australia’s most known slang words, meaning similar to wow or amazement. It was popularized due to a National hero, Steve Irwin, who adapted this word to be his catchphrase.

Things Australia is known for
What is Australia known for? Unique slang

#14 The Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest coral reef of over 900 islands and 2,900 individual reefs, it’s a huge reason people from all over the world visit Australia. If you’re into scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s a beautiful underwater world waiting to be explored.

Due to rising temperatures around the globe, climate change is threatening the life of this fragile ecosystem. Without a radical change to the rising water temperatures, it’s uncertain how long this natural wonder will exist.

#15 We love our sports

Whether playing or watching, Australians love their sport. 

Australia is home to a number of different codes of football. NRL, or National Rugby League (not to be confused with rugby) and AFL, Australian Football League are two popular styles of footy.

Cricket is another sport many Australians watch constantly. Often with a beer and yelling obscenities at the T.V. screen.

A game of backyard cricket is a popular activity at gatherings of family and friends. If you get to play a friendly game of cricket or footy with Australians, it’s usually a great time and plenty of laughs.

So those are the 15 things Australia is famous for. From kangaroos to cricket, and everything in between. Australia is a country with plenty of well-known facts, history, and culture, but it also has more than its share of quirkiness. But that’s also why so many people love it, isn’t it?

About the Author

Ben is an Australian that lived in Newcastle on the east coast for 23 years, currently living in Edmonton, Canada. He writes a budget travel blog at horizonunknown.com.

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