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Reasons to do a river cruise 0

5 reasons why River Cruises are worth it

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a river cruise, then you’re not alone! In fact, the global demand for cruising has now surpassed 22 million people! Once you’ve decided that...

What to do in Brittany 0

7 Amazing Brittany points of interest

Brittany (Bretagne in French) is the north-westernmost province of France. It’s a land of prehistoric mysticism, proud tradition and culinary wealth, where locals celebrate Breton culture and Breton Language. Historical...

What to do in San Malo France 0

What to do in Saint Malo, Brittany

“Ni français, ni Breton, Malouin Suis”, “Neither French, nor Breton, Malouin I am” is the motto of the city and it reflects much of its culture and history. Saint-Malo was...

Hike the caminito del Rey 3

How to hike El Caminito Del Rey in Spain

Caminito Del Rey was once famous for being extremely dangerous, it was even named the world’s most dangerous walkway. As its reputation rose it became even more attractive for adrenaline junkies and...

Best things to do in Kutaisi, Georgia 0

Best things to do in Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi was founded around 4 millenniums ago making it one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. It is located in Western Georgia about 221 kilometers (137 miles) of Tbilisi, on the Rioni...