Road trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao: the amazing Basque Coast

In this post, we chose an itinerary from San Sebastian to Bilbao, but you can do it backward, from Bilbao to San Sebastian, as easily.

When you think about visiting the Basque Country, you probably think of San Sebastian or Bilbao, which are both incredible cities that deserve to be visited! Thus, if you are visiting both, you’ll need to go from one to another. So, if you are going to make the trip, you might as well enjoy it!

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On this road trip through the Basque Coast, you will see amazing beaches, incredible lookouts, cute villages, stunning cliffs, great hikes, unbelievable islets, and a unique bridge. Spain‘s coastline is much more than the southern beaches!

From San Sebastian to Bilbao by car
From San Sebastian to Bilbao – itinerary

Road trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao – itinerary

San Sebastian

This trip starts in San Sebastian, but we assume you have already visited the city. It is the most beautiful city on the Basque coast, and it should take 2 or 3 days to visit it. You won’t have time to visit San Sebastian and the destinations below in just one day.

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the amazing Basque Coast between San Sebastian and Bilbao
La Concha beach in San Sebastian | San Sebastian road trip


From San Sebastian, we suggest you avoid the highway and go on the road closer to the sea. You start by going to Mount Igueldo and then continue to Zarautz through a small road with beautiful views, and it’s very pleasant to drive.

Zarautz’s main attraction is definitely its 2.5 km long beach. This massive stretch of sand is known as “the queen of the beaches” and has attracted beachgoers since the 19th century. If you are traveling in Summer, you really shouldn’t skip it! During summer, this sleepy beach town changes completely, becoming very lively—Watersports and surfers love this town.

what to visit in the basque Country
Getaria, the second spot of this road trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao


Getaria is very close to Zarautz (less than 5 km), and the maritime road connecting them was beautifully built on the edge of the cliffs right in the sea. It’s definitely a place to enjoy the views and the road.

Getaria was a whaling town, much like many others on the Basque coast, and nowadays, it’s an attraction by itself where you could easily spend a whole day. You have an old town, a seaport, the ocean, beaches, and a mountain islet with a lighthouse.

We suggest you start by having a walk through the old town, visiting the church of San Salvador and its tunnel underneath! Interestingly the church used to belong to the wall that surrounded the town.

Visit Getaria while going from San Sebastian to Bilbao
You can as easily drive from Bilbao to San Sebastian

If you like quick hikes (and stunning views), we strongly suggest you climb Mount San Antón. There are several paths leading to the top. On the way up, you will discover the lighthouse, from which they used to observe whales.

On the top, you will be rewarded with beautiful panoramic views of the town and the coast. We really enjoyed this! It’s a very gratifying piece of exercise during a road trip and after several days of eating pintxos!

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Zumaia is the next beach town in the Basque country that really needs to be visited. This small town has two beautiful beaches, an interesting Old Town, a modern leisure port, and several interesting buildings, however, we will focus on the Flysch Cliffs and the Geopark because that’s what makes this town unique.

The Geopark is one of the best things to do in the Basque country
Zumaia is a mandatory stop while driving the Basque Coast from San Sebastian to Bilbao

Flysch Cliffs

Between Zumaia and Deba, the mountains descend abruptly to the sea, forming one of the most spectacular natural areas in the Basque Country.

Over thousands of years, the sea waves have eroded the smooth clayey materials of the Flysch, sculpting the fantastic cliffs that form a plane surface on the coastal line. Besides being unique and a geologist’s dream, the Flysch cliffs’ incredibly photogenic scenery just invites us for a hike, both on the beach and on the edge of the cliffs.

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trip through the Basque Coast, From Bilbao to San Sebastian, needs to include a visit to the Flysch cliffs
Beach in Zumaia

Hiking in the Geopark

Hiking around the Basque Coast Geopark is one of the best ways of discovering the local Flysch, Karst, and its history. Between Zumaia and Dena you can do a 60 million years trek in an 8-hour walk! I mean,  you can watch 60 million years of geological history in 8 hours while taking in the magnificent views!

Though, if you don’t have a full day, you can also do shorter treks. We strongly advise you to take the Algorri trail, which starts from the San Telmo chapel and covers the most exciting chapter of the Flysch. This is also where the most you can find the most beautiful views. It’s a scene that you won’t forget easily!

It’s a fairly easy walk with only 1.5 Km, although you should take about 1 hour to do it because you’ll want to stop, enjoy and take lots of pics. Note that the trail takes you to the cliff’s edge, which could be dangerous and difficult for children and people who are afraid of heights.

Hiking in the Geopark Basque country is a great day trip from San Sebastian
Bilbao to San Sebastian coastal drive

Boat trip in the Geopark

There are several organized boat trips to see the cliffs better, usually between Zumaia, Deba, and Mutriku. The impressive Flysch cliffs can be observed from the sea allowing you to witness more than 60 million years of geological history. Plus, with a guide explaining the importance and the details of the cliffs, you can enjoy more than just its beauty but also understand its relevance.

Although available all year, boat trips are a better option in summer. During winter, the wind and waves make the trips less pleasant and the boat can’t approach the cliffs. Moreover, the trips may even be canceled or shortened if it’s terrible weather! This happened to us, and it was very frustrating.

Boat Ride in the Geopark Basque Country
Some of the views you get when doing this San Sebastian to Bilbao trip

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

It’s really difficult to choose the highlight of this trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao, but I think that the islet of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is our favorite! The whole setting is astonishing, and being a Game of Thrones fan will only make your experience even better as you will remember the stone bridge and stairs as the real-life Dragonstone!

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe islet is connected to the mainland via a man-made footbridge which transitions into a narrow path that contains 241 steps and zigzags its way back and forth to the top.

Descending the hill, crossing the bridge, and climbing up to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a small adventure that will reward you with impressive views. On top, there’s a tradition of ringing the chapel’s bell three times and making a wish.

Basque Coast itinerary
Coastal drive from Bilbao to San Sebastian

Vizcaya Bridge

Our last stop before arriving at Bilbao is the Vizcaya Bridge, connecting Portugalete and Getxo! This is a bridge unlike any other we have ever seen. Why? People and traffic are carried on a high-suspended gondola operating every 8 minutes during the day.

Each gondola can transport six cars and several dozen passengers in one and a half minutes. Yes, you read it right! You don’t actually drive (or walk) through the bridge, you drive the car into a gondola that “floats” to the other side!

Pretty cool, ah? We had to try it. We have to say that the trip was really smooth, and the bridge is a perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

This 45-meter-high bridge, spanning 160 meters, merges 19th-century ironworking traditions with the then-new lightweight technology of twisted steel ropes. The bridge was built to connect Portugalete and Getxo without disrupting the Port of Bilbao maritime traffic and at a reasonable price.

In 2006 the Vizcaya bridge was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (in the industrial heritage category), it was the first to use a combination of iron technology and new steel cables which began a new form of constructing bridges that were later imitated throughout the world. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Spain.

Vizcaya Bridge is such a unique Bridge that you have to see it for yourself and enjoy!
Visit the Vizcaya Bridge when driving from Bilbao to San Sebastian


Bilbao is the biggest city in the Basque country and the last stop of this road trip. As we said about San Sebastian, Bilbao deserves at least one day of your time.

In Bilbao, you must visit the Guggenheim Museum, or at the very least, take some time to look around and enjoy the views of that remarkable and iconic building. You should also visit Casco Viejo, the old town of Bilbao, full of old buildings, narrow streets, and charm of its own.

The unique Guggenheim museum, the start of an amazing Bilbao road trip
Bilbao road trip

This trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao could be a full day, or even 2 or 3 days, depending on the time you have. The Basque country, particularly the Basque coast, is beautiful and has plenty of things to do. We strongly advise you to take your time and enjoy!

If you can visit both, we compared San Sebastian and Bilbao, explaining if it is better to visit Bilbao or San Sebastian.

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San Sebastian Bilbao road trip

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