Visit Lubango – things to do, see and where to stay

Lubango is one of the most beautiful regions in Angola and probably Africa…We have been to many countries, most of them are very tourist, and they don’t have the impressive views of Lubango. It is a place that makes you wonder about what other fantastic and remote places can exist in Angola.

Lubango is the capital of Huila province and was named after an old “Soba” (chief) of the region, but during Portuguese rule, it changed to “Sá da Bandeira.” The first settlers were Portuguese from Madeira island, and some buildings still have traces of Portuguese architecture. The city’s surroundings are green, mountainous, and very scenic!

The temperature is milder than in Luanda; it’s a more pleasant temperature 🙂 But at night, it can be chilly. The region is rich in agriculture and livestock, so you can find good meat and even places selling local cheese.

Within Angola, Lubango is the ideal place to rest some days, enjoy the view, eat fantastic food, and be adventurous. We stayed there for a few days and loved every hour of it.

In this article, we will explore the reasons you should visit Lubango, things to do, see and where to stay

Go to the Lubango sign - Things to do in Lubango
Lubango sign in Angola

How to go to Lubango

Lubango has an airport that receives daily flights from Luanda and Windhoek, Namibia. We went by plane from Luanda, which took 1h30 to get there. From the airport, the hotel provided the transfer.

Going by car is also an option but be aware that it isn’t easy to drive in Angola. The roads are full of potholes; to put it simply, they are dangerous and full of traffic accidents. If you prefer, there are buses from Luanda to Benguela and then to Lubango, but it is a tiring voyage, and it takes a lot of time to reach your destination.

The best way to travel around the city and visit attractions is by car. So if you can, rent a car, or you will be very limited.

Where to stay in Lubango?

One of the most spectacular parts of the trip was staying in Pululukwa. It is a resort and park with lakes, trails, fruit and vegetable farms, and even animals. It is a splendid place for nature lovers to have long, pleasant walks.

It is the best resort we have ever been to! Inside or outside of Angola! It is a bit expensive, but it is a magical place and well worth every penny we spend.

Where to stay in Lubango? The pululukwa
The wonderful Pululukwa resort

Things to do in Lubango

Serra da Leba

Serra da Leba is a mountain range with 2650 meters of altitude, 50 km from Lubango. The most stunning part of the mountain is the mountain pass road. It was built during the Portuguese administration and connected two important cities, Lubango and Namibe.

The pass has 56 curves, one of which is called the “curve of the Cubans” because of the frequent accidents. It was built by a team of engineers led by the Portuguese Maria Alice Leba, thus the road’s name.  We think the images speak for themselves.

Visit Lubango in Angola
Serra da Leba in Lubango, Angola

Don’t forget to go to the viewing point of Serra da Leba, where you can see the whole mountain and take photos. After passing the police checkpoint, turn left on the first street you see before descending the pass. On your way back, keep your distance from trucks and buses. They need space to do the maneuvers.

how to visit Lubango in Angola
Road to Serra da Leba Lubango, Angola

Fenda da Tundavala (Tundavala Gap)

Fenda da Tundavala, or Gap of Tundavala, is an enormous abyss in the mountain of Serra da Leba located 18 km from Lubango. The mountain plateau has 2200 mt of altitude and suddenly falls 1000 mt, creating an abyss between the mountains. It looks like somebody cut a slice of the mountain. This natural abyss promotes stunning views. It is one of the seven wonders of Angola.

How to visit Tundavala Gap Lubango
On the Edge of the Tundavala

On your way to Tundavala, you come across some rock formations with different forms on top of each other. They are pretty peculiar rocks.

How to go to Lubango
Tundavala Gap Lubango in Angola

Cristo Rei (Christ the King)

The most famous Christ the King statue known is the Brazilian one in Rio de Janeiro, but it isn’t the only one. Apparently, this is a Portuguese thing; we have a “Cristo-Rei” in Almada, Lisbon, and so does Angola, a former Portuguese colony in Lubango. The statue is 30 meters high and is situated on top of the hill overlooking the city of Lubango.

On top of the hill, you also have a fantastic viewpoint of the city of Lubango and its surroundings. Next to the statue, you can find the giant letters saying LUBANGO in Hollywood style:).

Travelling to Lubando Angola
Cristo Rei and Lubango signal, Angola


Moçamedes (yes, the city’s name is Moçamedes again) is a coastal city in Namibe. It is 185 km from Lubango, so it is relatively close when thinking within African standards.

The Namibe province is an extension of the Namib desert from Namibia.  On the way to Namibe province, you will have to pass Serra da Leba. The road to Moçamedes is almost new,  so the trip is pleasant. On the way, you will be able to enjoy the semi-desert landscape with some natives selling charcoal and fruit on the way.

Visit Namibe Angola
Road in Namib desert in Angola

Moçamedes has the 3rd largest port in Angola. We didn’t like the city as many buildings were vandalized and closed. The only part that was in better shape was the seaside. We actually saw dolphins swimming in the sea, which was very nice! Unfortunately, we didn’t have a 4WD, so we couldn’t go actually into the desert to see the Welwitschias.

Visiting Lubango
Namibe City near Lubando in Angola


Pululukwa means to rest in Umbundo. As the name says, it is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the scenery and nature.

We loved staying there, and we recommend trying to stay there for at least one night. Yes, it is expensive, but it is a fantastic experience. Even if you don’t want to stay there for one night, you can visit the park and the wild animals, or even enjoy a meal in their fantastic restaurant. We still need to talk about the delicious food we ate in the Pululukwa.

Where to stay in Lubango
Beautiful Pululukwa resort in Lubango Angola

The resort is divided into different regions, representing different ethnic groups of Lubango. The 60 huts (bungalows) represent different ethnic styles. The huts are stylish; they have an African vibe, very comfortable with air conditioning.

Throughout the park, you will find wild animals. Zebras run wild through the park. You can pet them if they let you. Don’t worry, they are very pacific and docile. You will find Ostrich, crocodiles (not running loose, lol), Antelopes, Angolan Chicken, and different kinds of birds.

how to visit Pululukwa Lubango
Zebras in the Pululukwa resort in Angola

With 100 acres and remarkable treks, you have a lot to explore: wooden paths, several lakes, different resting points, and even fruit farms. On the way, you will find the different huts of the resort.

Moreover, the resort is child-friendly, with a playground for kids to play in. A family or a couple can easily stay the whole day in Pululukwa just relaxing.

what to visit in Lubango
Huts in the Pululukwa resort

We need to mention the restaurant in Pululukwa because it is fabulous. One of the best meals we ate, the “Chateaubriand steak” and the avocado ice cream, is worthy of being the last meal choice. The service is very professional, and everyone is very friendly.

We wish everyone could have the opportunity to go to Lubango and feel amazed. Hopefully, we were able to inspire you to do it!

Reasons to visit Lubango
The lovely Pululukwa resort

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  1. Wow, so beautiful! It looks so relaxing and just the right place to get disconnected with the daily rush. I really hope to go there one day!

  2. Wow, Lubango is so beautiful! I had no idea that Angola had so much going on. I’d love to just relax here someday!

  3. Did not realize Angola was such a beautiful country until now. I enjoy visiting countries with few tourists so would definitely like to visit one day.

    • Unfortunately it isn’t the easiest place to go to… but it’s worth it. And Lubango is a real gem.

  4. It looks absolutely stunning. Angola isn’t a place you hear about as a destination in Africa, and that may be a good thing as it being relatively free of tourists is probably part of its charm! There’s a great mix of beautiful landscapes, great food and even architecture here – Christ the King looks like the finest of its kind outside of Rio, better than the one I saw in Cusco at any rate 😉

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