How to hike Los Cahorros trail Monachil, Sierra Nevada

Los Cahorros is a hiking trail in the lower hills of the Sierra Nevada, Andalusia. It’s located in Monachil, a small municipality just 8 Kilometers from Granada’s center and Alhambra.

Los Cahorros de Monachil canyon has been a well-known destination for climbers for many years, but it has become famous for this adventure yet family trail in recent years. It’s perfect for people looking for an Indiana Jones-like adventure.

Los Cahorros Hike in Monachil, Sierra Nevada

  • Name: Los Cahorros de Monachil
  • Start– Merendero Los Cahorros ou Restaurante El Puntarron
  • End – Merendero Los Cahorros ou Restaurante El Puntarron
  • Distance – 8 km
  • Time – 2 to 3 hours
  • Physical Effort – Moderate. Hard if it’s in the summer because of the heat
  • Technical Difficulty – easy, only problematic if you are afraid of heights or have a severe lack of flexibility
  • Type – Circular
  • Signaling (1-5) – 3; The first part is easy to follow, but the second is confusing and misses some marks.
  • Highlights: Canyon, river, and suspended bridges
How to hike Los Cahorros trail Monachil
Los Cahorros de Monachil

Los Cahorros trail Monachil

Los Cahorros de Monachil is a circular trail, which means you start and finish in the same place (near the restaurant). The trail is roughly 8 km long, and the altitude difference is 400 m, with a maximum of more than 1100 m of altitude.

We can divide the trail into two parts: the first 2 km through the Los Cahorros gorge and the remaining 6 km where you have to walk up and down the hill to return to the restaurant. The famous hanging bridges, the waterfalls swimming spots, and the rocks you must crawl under are all in the first part.

The second part starts at the end of the gorge and consists of a return via a high limestone rock track.

Hiking in Sierra Nevada
How to hike Los Cahorros trail Monachil

It is considered a family hike, and we saw many kids doing it apparently without problems.

However, you should bear in mind that you will need to scramble under overhanging rocks and cross a 15 meters high and 55 meters long hanging bridge. Metal handles are also set into the rocks to help you pass some of the most challenging parts.

Los Cahorros trail - Hiking in Sierra Nevada

Check here for full information about the trail in a printable PDF.

Our experience on the Los Cahorros Granada trail

We love doing hikes during our trips, and when heard about Los Cahorros we had to include it in our itinerary. It looked like a great warm-up for the unbelievable Caminito del Rey.

Beautiful views, a cascading river that creates rock pools for swimming, narrow caves, and tunnels that you have to crawl through or hang off the rock face, walking along the gorge, and, of course, the famous hanging bridges made our day memorable and fun!

On the downside, we found the trail unbalanced because almost all the interest points are in the first 2 km, and the reaming 6 km is just about walking under the sun without much to do/see.

Yet, we had a great time and recommended it to families and adventurous people alike.

hiking Los Cahorros trail
los cahorros hike

We did the whole trail as planned, but truth be told, barely anyone else did it. People disappeared completely when we left the gorge, crossed the river one last time, and started the climb.

After that point, the landscape becomes less and less attractive, and the trail becomes more and more physically challenging. Many people tend not to make the complete circle but return when they get to the end of the Gorge.

Tips Los Cahorros trail
Bridge in the los cahorros hike Granada

Best time to hike los Cahorros trail

We went in August, and it was a very hot day (Summer in Andalusia…what else?), which made the second part of the trail less pleasant. If it’s possible, go in milder temperatures and always take a lot of water!

The trail is becoming increasingly popular and can be a bit crowded on weekends and holidays. Try to avoid them. We went on the high season on a weekday, and there were many people, but not enough to make it less pleasant.

How to hike the Los Cahoros trail
los cahorros hike

How to get to los cahorros from Granada

You can only reach los Cahorros hike by car or by bus. As far as we know, there aren’t any tours to Los Cahorros.

How to go to Los Cahorros by car

From Granada, take the Monachil exit from the A-395 southern ring road (Ronda Sur). Take the exit for Monachil and follow this road for roughly 6 km until you reach the village of Monachil. There, cross the bridge and continue to the “scenic road” (Carretera de la purche) to the Sierra Nevada.

You will soon find the restaurant El Puntarron. Park there, or turn right and continue onto the dirt road about 1 km until you find “Merendero Los Cahorros,” where you can park.

How to get to Los Cahorros hike
Carretera de la Purche, one of the roads to get to Los Cahorros trail

TIP: We actually got there by taking “Carretera de la Purche” from Sierra Nevada road (A-395). It has a sign saying “scenic road,” don’t miss it! It is a really beautiful drive, and it goes directly to Los Cahorros and then Monachil.

How to go to Los Cahorros by bus

Service 183 goes to Monachil approx. once an hour Monday – Friday. On Saturdays, the service is mornings only, with the last bus back at 13:40. There is no service on Sundays.

After Monachil, you need to walk into the restaurant area described above.

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  1. My family lived in Spain awhile and I got to visit many parts, but never this region. A great reason to go back!

  2. I’m going with my parents (in their 60s), and my mom uses a cane. Is there any part of the first bit that is doable for someone like that?

    • Hello,

      I don’t think it’s suitable for someone with cane. There are narrow parts , and ones where you need to crawl and hang on rocks. Nothing really extreme, but you need agility…

      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. I would so love to hike this! My husband and I love hiking! Would you say it’s more of a tennis shoe hike or actual hiking shoe? I see you all are wearing tennis shoes.

  4. I grew up near the Sierra Nevadas in CA/NV, USA. I’m so surprised that there’s another one across the globe!! How cool!!

    • Hello, My name is Teresa. I am a hiking guide in the Sierra Nevada. Congratulations! Your description and pictures are fantastic. My recommendation is to do the hike un the other way, first the hill and second the the gorge. In this way you avoid the heat, walking along the fresh valley when temperatures are higher. I also would like to say that the geological features, flora and fauna are very interesting. Enjoy a lot!

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