What is the UAE famous for?

For UAE’s chapter on the famous things across the globe series, we have teamed up with our fellow UAE travel blogger Sarah of ” hungryoungwoman!” to show you what is the UAE famous for?

Growing up in the United Arab Emirates often confused me when people would oooh and aah about the life lived here. It was normal for me. But when I started traveling, I understood that so many factors make UAE different from the rest of the world. 

Contrary to what most tourists think, the United Arab Emirates is not just famous for Burj Khalifa. There is so much more to it that can only be experienced once you visit the country. For a brief introduction to what is popular here, read on for a list of 15 things that the UAE is known for. 

16 things the UAE is famous for

#1 Burj Khalifa

This has to be first on the list because who doesn’t know Burj Khalifa? Apart from being the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa has seriously impacted the skyline of Dubai 

Many don’t know that the tower was initially named Burj Dubai. However, building the project required quite a sum of money which led to the ruler loaning financial aid from the ruler of Abu Dhabi. Hence, the name was changed to reflect the name of the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi – His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

What is UAE famous for?
Burj Khalifa is one of UAE’s most famous buildings | photo by hungryoungwoman!

#2 Desert Safari

The United Arab Emirates is a large desert. But to make matters “cool,” they introduced a fun activity for locals and tourists alike. Desert Safari is a package where people are signed up to experience dune bashing (driving on dunes on a 4×4), belly dancing, henna painting, and other activities. Some packages even extend staying overnight in the desert, which is something to experience! 

It is one of the most common activities in the UAE and partly why the country is also famous for. I would, however, recommend checking the best season to visit Dubai as temperatures really soar during the summers, and it would not be a pleasant experience to head to the desert during that time.

Famous attractions of UAE
Desert Safari in the UAE | What is the UAE known for? | Photo by oneinchpunch via Depositphotos

#3 Louvre Abu Dhabi

If France is famous for its Louvre, the UAE did not hold back after getting the approval to have its own Louvre, Abu Dhabi now houses a famous attraction. Perfect for art lovers and those looking for “Instagrammable” places to shoot, the exterior design has been inspired by the shadow cast by date palm fronds under the sun in an oasis.

#4 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Built in honor of the late president of UAE and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has slowly become a tourist attraction that is now making people come to the emirate only to marvel at the beautifully lined marble walls with exquisite designs.

Entry to the mosque is free, but you need to follow a strict dress code – a long gown with no arms and legs showing for women and head covered with a scarf. A gown is provided if the visitor is not dressed according to the dress code.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is easily one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

What is UAE known for? - Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Mosque – one of the most famous tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates | Photo by hungryoungwoman!

#5 Shawarma

Touted as the famous street food in the UAE, shawarma is like a doner. Soft and juicy meat is cooked on a spit with the shavings in bread with condiments. Every person has their favorite place to grab shawarma, and it is the cheapest snack to eat when in the United Arab Emirates.

Shawarma is usually available during the evenings, where you will find cafeterias lined with people just returning from work if it is a weekday to queue for their shawarma. The most common types in the country are those made by Lebanese or Indian restaurants. Give both a try to see which one you like the most! 

What is United Arab Emirates famous for?
Shwarma – the most famous food in the United Arab Emirates | Photo by hungryoungwoman!

#6 The Dubai Mall

Although a small country on the world map, the UAE often makes the news. If you aren’t living under a rock, you know that the largest mall in the world is located in Dubai.

Tourists usually plan their visit to the mall along with the Burj Khalifa, as this is where you will find the entrance to the tower (yes, they are both connected). After living here literally all my life, I still haven’t met anyone who has completed the entire mall! 

Besides housing all the brands I can think of, The Dubai Mall is famous for its aquarium and dancing fountains. The aquarium is also one of the largest in the world, allowing tourists to watch marine creatures like sharks and stingrays. 

Watching the fountains dance to music is another attraction of the Dubai Mall. It’s also a perfect viewpoint to see the Burj Khalifa, and it is free of charge.

#7 Safety

This is not the typical thing you’d see on most lists. But safety is a common feature the UAE is known for. Unlike what some tourists think, the country is very, very safe for everyone.

A tiny dot on the world map, but the UAE has been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. You can walk outside at 3 am without fear of being mugged, kidnapped, raped, or pickpocketed…

#8 Luxurious lifestyle

If you’ve heard that people in Dubai live a luxurious life, you are wrong! This is one of the most common misconceptions I’ve heard from foreigners. Not everyone is rich in UAE, and many don’t even own a car. 

Yes, a certain percentage of the rich population spends their money on the most incredulous things, but again there are workers here as well as everyday people who don’t often have the luxury to splurge.

#9 Burj Al Arab

Often called a “7-star hotel”, the structure of Burj al Arab is created keeping the mast of a ship in mind. The name also roughly translates to the “Tower of the Arab” and is currently the world’s fifth tallest hotel. It is famous for its structure and the luxurious interiors of the rooms. One is certainly made to feel like a royal there, as it’s one of the best hotels in Dubai and the world.

Entry for non-guests is restricted; however, the best way to look at the building from inside is to have a cup of coffee at the Burj Al Arab café. Alternatively, you can dine at one of the stellar restaurants at Burj Al Arab, all headed by Chefs that are well-known for their expertise. 

The tower stands on a man-made island very close to Jumeirah Beach. During winter, locals usually pack a picnic and visit the beach with families, with an unrestricted view of the tower. 

Burj Al Arab - one of the most famous things about UAE
Burj Al Arab – one of the most famous things in Dubai | Photo by hungryoungwoman!

#10 Souqs

Anyone wanting to shop for souvenirs while in Dubai should visit the souqs. Not only are the souvenirs sold cheap, but spices, perfumes, and coffee can also be found for a great bargain if haggled wisely.

Some of the most popular souqs are located in the Deira area. Old Souq is famous for selling abayas, traditional clothing, spices like zaatar and sumac, and Arabic coffee.

You can also pair the souq trip with a ride on the traditional abra – a small wooden boat. This was traditionally used as a mode of transport during UAE’s older days to travel short distances by water.

#11 Dates

Known for its sweet taste, dates are the fruits of the desert. It is not uncommon to see the roads of the UAE lined with date palm trees heavy with the weight of the fruit. Most tourists take at least one box of fresh dates back to their country, which has almost become a form of souvenir.

#12 Ski Dubai

Imagine skiing in the desert! Yes, Dubai also has that! Ski Dubai is a large ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates. The temperature inside is always maintained at around 2 degrees, and you will find snow all year round.

This is one of the main locations locals head to for a cool and fun time during the hot summers. Inside this attraction are also penguins that can be encountered for a separate fee.

#13 Emirates Airlines

Dubai is a major transportation hub, so it’s fairly easy to reach, and Emirates Airlines is the main reason for it. It’s also considered one of the best airlines in the world and another famous thing about the UAE. Have a look at how awesome is Emirates first class!

#14 Ferrari World

If you want a thrill, head to Ferrari World! This is most famous for having the world’s fastest roller coaster, with a speed of 240 km/h, making it a much-loved amusement park for kids during the holidays.

#15 Palm Jumeirah

The time when UAE made the news was when the Palm Jumeirah Islands were announced. These man-made islands are shaped like date palm trees and house Atlantis Resorts, another fun attraction for UAE families. 

What is UAE famous for?
The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah – Famous things in UAE | Photo by hungryoungwoman!

The date palm fronds are residential areas, while the outer tree has a stunning resort selection facing the Persian Gulf. The Palm Jumeirah also has several dining and retail destinations like the recently opened, The Pointe, where the view of the waters and Atlantis. The Palm is beautiful…

#16 Hummus

Hummus has recently taken over the world with its delicious variants like avocado and beet hummus. Initially a rather humble side to Arabic bread, hummus is made of ground chickpeas and a paste of sesame seeds. An Arabic spread cannot do without this appetizer; it is one of the most important foods in Dubai and the UAE.

Sarah grew up in the United Arab Emirates, a city most would describe as the most “luxurious in the world.” She is a 20-something girl who wants to tick off every city on her bucket list. You can win her over with a cup of coffee and a thrilling read to go with it! Follow her at hungryoungwoman!

*Cover photo by alexeys via Depositphotos

What is uae famous for

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