What is Dubai Famous For?

Dubai is best known for its astonishing engineering marvels and intricate architecture, but there are more diversions to it than you imagine.

You can go on a dhow cruise, discover the region’s souks, walk into its amazing museums, and get away from the glitz with a desert safari, among others. Therefore, it is not a wonder why this city is a favorite of all visitors.

Now, if you still have the question ‘what is Dubai famous for’ on your mind, we have enlisted here the top 10 attractions and experiences that make it a sought-after holiday spot and the most famous of the seven Emirates of UAE.

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13 things Dubai is famous for

Burj Khalifa

Dwarfing the city skyline of Downtown Dubai, this massive 828-meter-high structure is justifiably the first thing that comes into mind when one thinks about Dubai. It is known to most people that it’s the world’s tallest building.

But it is more than that; it has the highest number of stories, comes with the tallest of its elevator, and also boasts the world’s most elevated observation deck at the height of over 555 meters.

There is also a wide spectrum of accommodations plus restaurants and cafes that promise you an exquisite dining experience within an uber-classy setting. 

What Is Dubai Famous For
Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building | what is Dubai Famous for

The Dubai Mall

A trip to Downtown Dubai and Dubai (as a whole) is incomplete without spending a day or at least a few hours at this colossal mall. Placed adjacent to Burj Khalifa, it is abundant with the most exciting things to do and experience.

Check out its over 1200 retail outlets, grab a bite on the go with its 200 plus dining choices, and make the most of its amusement and edutainment attractions that are ideal for all age groups and abilities – Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, KidZania Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, Hysteria Dubai Mall, and the biggest of its kind VR Park are just a few to mention. 

Most famous things in Dubai
What is Dubai known for – The Dubai Mall next to Burj Khalifa

Desert Safari

Desert safari Dubai is an experience that creates memories of a lifetime. Just about a 45-minute drive from the city center, it retreats you to Dubai’s pristine natural desert landscape for a few hours.

It includes an adventurous 4X4 dune bash session plus a cornucopia of cultural activities like camel ride, henna tattooing, Shisha smoking, and falconry.

Moreover, an evening or overnight desert safari encompasses BBQ dining with traditional live shows like Belly Dance and Tanura performances.

Most famous things about Dubai
Desert Safari in Dubai

Breathtaking Fountain Shows

Dubai has many free attractions, but its astonishing fountain shows are of par excellence. Lying outside Dubai Mall and set at Burj Lake, Dubai Fountain’s choreographed water performance in faultless sync to music and light is a timeless sight, even if it recently gave away the title of the world’s highest fountain show to Palm Fountain.

Not to mention, Palm Fountain, placed against the regal backdrop of Atlantis, The Palm, is simply outstanding. 

The fountain show is easily one of the most famous things in Dubai.

Dubai's famous things
Palm Fountain, things Dubai is famous for

Jaw-Dropping Live Performances 

Dubai is probably the entertainment capital of the Middle East. In fact, if you enjoy watching unequaled shows and extraordinary performances, you will never be disappointed on your Dubai trip.

Watch the Cirque-du-Soleil-style La Perle by Dragone show or head to Dubai Opera to take in the most fascinating ever theatrical performances.

Now, if you are traveling to Dubai with your little ones in tow, be sure to take them to Dubai Dolphinarium, known for the boisterous performances of dolphins and seals. 

Cool famous things about Dubai
Dolphin performance in Dubai Dolphinarium

Fail-Safe Viewpoints

Undoubtedly, Dubai is instantly recognizable for its unmatched architectural marvels and one-of-its-kind human-made islands, including the palm-tree-shaped Palm Jumeirah. To experience it all in its exact grandeur, nothing possibly comes closer to a sky-high vantage point.

This ranges from an aerial tour like a helicopter ride and seaplane tour to airborne adventure activities such as hot air balloon rides and sky diving.

But if you don’t want to board a helicopter or experience the frightening freefall session, a sensible yet affordable alternative is to visit Dubai’s amazing observation decks, including one at Dubai Frame and the newest View at the Palm Jumeirah, which guarantees you the full display of Palm Jumeirah. 

Top things about Dubai
Dubai Frame amazing observation deck in Dubai, one of the most famous things in Dubai

Dhow Cruise

Given its exuberant settings packed with the most glamorous sights, most people tend to believe that Dubai skimps when it comes to its historical and cultural side. The reality, however, is that the place immaculately preserves its culture and heritage.

Take a stroll down the 19th-century Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood or go on a relaxing cruise aboard a traditional dhow that was once widely used for pearl farming and fishing (before the discovery of oil).

This two-hour cruise, along the bustling Dubai Creek or the stylish Dubai Marina, promises you alternative sightseeing and the finest dining and entertainment options onboard. 

Interesting things about Dubai
Famous things about Dubai – Dhow Cruise

Amusing Museums

When you hear about museums, it conjures up the image of a traditional structure with age-old exhibits that register the region’s past and culture.

While Dubai has its share of historical museums by way of Dubai Museum, Camel Museum, Coin Museum, etc., the place also hosts some of the most innovative and distinctly unique museums, which assure you of absolutely fun-packed, engaging experiences.

These are as diverse as the largest museum of Illusions and 3D World Selfie Museum Dubai to the newest Museum of Future. 

Cool things about Dubai
One of Dubai’s most famous museums – the Dubai Museum

Action-and-Fun Packed Theme Parks

For theme park lovers, Dubai is simply magical! Dubai’s theme parks are so inventively diverse that you can literally put together a holiday completely themed around exciting rides, games, and related attractions.

For instance, book accommodation in the palatial-style Atlantis, The Palm, where you can enjoy access to its Atlantis Aquaventure, complete with a water park, dolphin bay, and an enigmatic aquarium. That said, you really don’t have to stay in Atlantis Resort to enjoy all these; there are separate tickets available. 

Another similar attraction is Dubai Parks and Resort, which is also the Middle East’s first integrated resort. Apart from several accommodation choices, its premise hosts four amazing parks: Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, and LEGOLAND Water Park. Several passes allow you to visit all four parks or one or two of your favorite parks in the resort. 

Looking for more options? The snow-themed Ski Dubai (where you can throw real snow and enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, etc.) is the largest IMG Worlds of Adventure, video-game-themed Hub Zero, and the kids’ special Mattel Play! Town. 

Dubai's famous things
LEGOLAND Dubai – One of Dubai’s coolest Theme Parks

Brand-New Superlative Sights

This is one reason that attracts both first-timers and repeats visitors to Dubai. After all, there is always something new and exciting to see in Dubai. Even if you have traveled to Dubai a year or a month before, you can look forward to watching out for a brand-new attraction on your upcoming travel.

Thanks to a long lineup of attractions that are getting ready for the unveil, mainly the highest of its kind Ain Dubai, the region’s first Madame Tussauds Museum, and Deep Dive Dubai with the world’s deepest dive pool, to name a few. 

Top famous things in Dubai
Ain Dubai – Famous things in Dubai

Exciting Sightseeing Tours

Dubai is the land of the most wondrous sights. You can admire them all by simply signing up for an incredible sightseeing tour. One of the most recommended is the Big Bus Tour which allows for infinite hop-on and hop-off at the stops covered in the tour.

Want to discover the historical or traditional side in the most authentic way? You can’t go wrong by opting for Heritage Express Dubai Tour. As it takes you through both land and water, Wonder Bus Tour is another thrilling sightseeing tour to excite all members of your group, especially your little ones. 


Whether you prefer luxury shopping or bargain shopping, Dubai offers splendid choices in every category. Over gigantic 70 malls spread all over the city, which is definitely to redefine your shopping experience.

If it is unique souvenirs or bonafide Arabic merchandise you are after, find your way to the traditional markets or souks in Bur Dubai and Deira areas. It not only lets you make some remarkable purchases but also has them for unbelievable rates.

What’s more? It is even a venue for DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) event, wherein an entire month (January – February) is dedicated to unmatched shopping, leisure, and entertainment. 

In conclusion, what is Dubai famous for

Specifically, Dubai is the go-to destination for anything you desire– shopping, dining, nightlife, culture, or entertainment. As you are now aware of most of the things that Dubai is famous for, go forth and create your perfect Dubai program. 

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What Is Dubai Famous For?

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