What Is The United States Famous For?

For the US’ chapter of our famous things across the globe series, we have asked Kyle of Via Travelers What is the United States famous for? This is their wonderful reply!

The United States of America is literally the most famous place on earth. Since there are no second thoughts about its popularity, what are the things that make this country so famous?

Besides a long list of tourist attractions like the statue of liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and Grand Canyon, there are numerous other factors that serve as fuel for the popularity of the US.

The things that make the US so well-known include food, music, culture, sports, technological innovations, historical personalities, and more. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most famous things about the United States.

Things the United States are famous for

#1 Hot Dogs

Americans love hot dogs and it’s an undeniable fact. They are so much concerned about this particular food, that there is a National Sausage and Hot Dog Council in the United States.

According to the survey conducted by this council, Americans consume over 150 million hot dogs just on the 4th of July holiday every year.

Why hot dogs are so much popular among the Americans? The most obvious reason relates to the fact that it offers the freedom to eat on the go. The ingredients are simple yet unbelievably delicious.

Besides, it’s an affordable snack for every American who can’t afford a lavish dinner at a restaurant. Chicago and New York are the most recommended spots to try out the best hot dogs throughout America.

What is the united state famous for

#2 Hollywood

Hollywood is one of the most famous things about America, which is known to set some of the highest standards for film industries around the Globe.

The movies produced in Hollywood are globally famed. The graph of popularity achieved by American films is still far from reach.

This city boasts star-studded hall-of-fame. You can’t help yourself but get mesmerized by the extravagant glitz and glamor of Beverly Hills. The Madame Tussauds wax museum is also there to amaze you.

The best way to spend your time in Hollywood is to visit Universal Studios. Here, you can witness with your own eyes all the sets of your most favorite movies or TV shows. These movies and their characters are still alive in Hollywood.

#3 Famous for Historical Personalities

The history of the world isn’t complete without paying regard to Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman. These are the famous political figures of America, who devoted their lives for the betterment of Americans.

The contributions made by other Americans are legendary too. For instance, unparalleled developments in the fields of literature, art, and science are worth mentioning too.

Americans are proud of these personalities; they honor them by recognizing their efforts. The presence of a large number of monuments and museums is a way to pay tribute to these personalities.

Thing the US is known for
what is the US famous for

#4 The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon also finds a place in our list of famous things about the United States. This magnificent place is truly beyond expectations. You can only judge the true splendor of this place after witnessing it with your own eyes. It is a masterpiece, carved by nature to amaze us.

Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder, visited by a huge number of tourists every year. The Grand Canyon National park stays open day and night throughout the year. The availability of countless hiking trails, panoramic vistas, and breathtaking glass bridge are a few of the highlights of this attraction.

What is america famous for?
What is the United States famous for

#5 Technological Innovations

Americans have a distinctive approach to innovation and technological development. The entrepreneurship spirit of every American is much higher than in the rest of the World.

The United States is home to almost every biggest invention or innovation. For example, IBM made it possible to make personal computers a reality.

Google brought all the information at the tips of your fingers. Similarly, Microsoft Windows helped to digitalize and simplify desktop operations.

Facebook brought people close to each other and Apple engineered the touch technology. Silicon Valley is another thing America is famous for. It’s the hub of tech and innovation around the world.

What is the United States famous for?
hoover dam, one of the most famous landmarks in the US

#6 Passion for Baseball

No doubt, Baseball is the most popular American sport. However, this sport also tends to increase the popularity of the United States throughout the world.

Baseball has a huge fan following in numerous other countries as well. This game is so famous, that collectible cards of some popular baseball legends are worth thousands of dollars.

This clearly suggests how passionate Americans are about baseball. Watching live baseball matches is the topmost priority of every American. Some legendary parks in Chicago and Boston can provide a historical, rewind-the-clock type experience.

Things the USA is famous for

#7 Music

Apart from various other contributions made by Americans, the work done in music alone is simply beyond comparison.

American musicians and singers have influenced the world in a highly impactful manner. The music created by such musicians is simply eternal.

In fact, it would have been an altogether different scenario without Elvis Presley’s rock-n-roll, Billie’s soulful Jazz, and Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking pop tracks.

In order to pay homage to all music legends, Americans visit the Graceland mansion and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Foreign visitors also refer to these places as the top-rated tourist attractions.

#8 American Football is Different

American football is altogether different from the football played in all other parts of the world. It’s a unique combination of rugby and soccer.

This game is played between two teams, each comprising of 11 players. The field is rectangular shaped, with one goalpost at each end.

After baseball, football is the most obsessively followed sport in America. The football Super Bowl is reported to be one of the most-watched tournaments around the world.

The enthusiasm and energy of players, as well as the fans, are on another level. Tourists visiting America also love to watch a live football game in the stadium.

What is the us known for
American football is one of the things the US is famous for

#9 Classic Diners

The classic American diner is the institution behind the unbridled popularity of American food. Classic diners offer almost every American cuisine such as fries, burgers, fries, coffee, pies, and milkshakes.

Initially, franchises of classic diners started their operations in working-class towns and along the highways. However, at present, most of them have revamped their outlook and serve in affluent areas of the states.

These eateries also offer top-notch versions of traditional American food. Classic diners are also popular among tourists for their simple ingredients and gourmet taste.

The nostalgia associated with fried food is still persuading Americans to continue these foods for decades to come.

#10 Wineries

America is also popular for its wine. People visit the wineries in huge numbers to enjoy the first-rate drop. The vineyards spread over huge areas, which assist the production of the wine at a massive scale.

Napa Valley, Willamette Valley, Finger Lakes, and Virginia Wine Country are a few names to suggest the vastness of the American wine industry. For instance, Napa Valley in California is home to over 200 vineyards. This place holds a significant place when it comes to making top-quality wine.

Furthermore, Willamette Valley is popular for making one of the tastiest Pinot Noir around the globe. Virginia Wine Country is the wine district, known for its ultimate wine tasting experience.

What is the US known for?
What is the United States known for

#11 Walt Disney World

Located in Florida, Walt Disney World is one of the most famous things about the United States. This entertainment center operates on a massive scale. People come to Disney from around the world just to enjoy the entertainment being offered there.

Situated in the Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, it is the world’s largest theme park developed around the cartoon character. It is a kind of fantasy world, where you can meet your beloved characters. Its Campgrounds and RV parks are the best when compared to any other facilities available elsewhere. 

#12 Niagara Falls

Located between Ontario (Canadian province) and New York, Niagara Falls comprises three falls. These include Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

This massive collection of waterfalls is part of the Niagara River. It has the highest flow rate as compared to any other waterfall in America. The vertical drop measures over 50 meters.

The popularity of Niagara Falls is evident from the fact that millions of tourists visit this place each year. Hence, it is one of the most famous things about the United States.

What is the USA famous for
Niagara Falls, one of the most famous landmarks in the US

#13 The Statue of Liberty     

Standing with grandeur at the Liberty Island New York City, the Statue of Liberty commemorates the independence of the United States. It is made of copper and it was presented by the people of France to the people of America.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a French sculptor, designed this statue. The credit for creating the metal frame goes to Gustave Eiffel. After its completion, the French government handed it over to America on October 28, 1886. The statue is 93m high when measuring from ground level.

Things the USA is famous for
What is the USA known for? Landmarks like the Statue of Liberty

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What is the USA famous for

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