What is Slovenia known for?

Mountains, caves, and a special breed of horses are some of the things we associate with Slovenia, but besides these, what is Slovenia known for?

Located in southern Central Europe, Slovenia shares borders with Italy to the West, Austria to the North, Hungary to the Northeast, and Croatia to the South East. It also has a very short coast of about 20 km to the South, in the Adriatic Sea.

This location has made Slovenia a crossroads between Slavic, Germanic, and Latin civilizations, which has been pivotal in the country’s history and culture.

With only 2.1 million people and 20 271 km2, it is a small country but full of surprises, peculiarities, and well-known features and people. Recently, it evolved into a developed country and a popular tourist destination.

Ten things Slovenia is known for


One of the things Slovenia is famous for is its numerous and famous caves. With over 10,000 registered caves, Slovenia has one of the highest densities of caves in the world. Some are popular tourist attractions, but others are important for scientific research and exploration.

The most famous caves in Slovenia are Postojna Cave – one of Europe’s largest and most visited, and the Škocjan Caves – a UNESCO World Heritage site. Vilenica Cave, Pekel Cave, and Križna Cave are some of the other notable ones.

Stretching over 24 km (15 miles), Postojna Cave is one of the largest and most popular caves in Europe. However, only about 5 km of its system of underground caves, tunnels, and halls are visitable. It is also home to the olm or “human fish,” a unique blind type of Salamandra that adapted to live in the harsh darkness of the caves.

The tours to Postojna are peculiar. They include a fantastic train ride taking us deep into the system through chambers and tunnels and the opportunity to watch the wonderland of stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and other stunning rock formations.

The Škocjan Caves are much smaller but no less important. Created by the Pivka River, the cave system is over 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) long and includes a series of underground chambers, canyons, and waterfalls.

The highlight of this cave system is Martel’s Chamber, considered one of the largest chambers in the world, with over 100 meters high, and the Great Canyon, a massive underground gorge up to 150 meters deep. This is where we can cross a suspended bridge with beautiful canyon views and waterfalls.

What is Slovenia known for?
Postojna Cave is one of the largest and most popular caves in Slovenia

Honey and beekeeping

What is Slovenia known for producing? Honey and other bee-related products, such as propolis, royal jelly, and beeswax. These products are used in various ways, including cosmetics and medicinal treatments.

With good geographical and climate characteristics to produce honey, Slovenia has a long tradition of beekeeping that dates back to the Middle Ages. The vast forests, meadows, and alpine landscapes provide wildflowers and plants an ideal source of nectar and pollen for bees.

The excellent conditions and tradition in Slovenia make the production of high-quality honey with a unique flavor possible. Renowned internationally, Slovenian honey is produced in different regions with a distinctive flavor profile and amora.

Slovenia has more than 10,000 registered beekeepers, which is impressive for a country with only about 2 million people. As the quality of honey and other products is recognized, Slovenia exports a large part of its production, making beekeeping and honey production an important part of Slovenia’s economy.

What is Slovenia famous for
Beehive in Slovenia Countryside


One of the main things Slovenia is famous for is the mountains, particularly the Julian Alps in the northwest.

The highest point and the most famous mountain is the Triglav mountain, reaching 2864 meters (9,396 feet). The Triglav is so important for Slovenian culture and tradition that its stylized image is included in Slovenia’s flag and coat of arms. Its well-known three peaks are represented in white on a blue background.

Other well-known mountains include Škrlatica, Mangart, and Jalovec, all above 2500 meters in Altitude. If you enjoy mountains, Slovenia has dozens of peaks between 2000 and 2500 meters to hike, climb, or even cycle.

Slovenian mountains are a huge part of the country’s beauty and attract many tourists to the country, particularly if you enjoy mountain passes, cycling, and hiking, which takes us to the next topic Slovenia is famous for – sports and outdoor activities.

Famous things of Slovenia
Jezero Jasna lake and mountains in Triglav National Park

Outdoor activities destination

Outdoor activities are probably the main reason why people travel to Slovenia. The country has a diverse and beautiful natural landscape, with mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests providing exceptional conditions for various activities. Furthermore, the small size and excellent infrastructure make it easy to reach.

The country offers various activities throughout the year, from hiking in the mountains, climbing the peaks, and cycling the stunning passes to skiing, cross-country, and snowboarding in winter.

But, it is more than just this; there are also the caves mentioned above for those who enjoy caving, kayaking, and rafting in the rivers, plus rock climbing and paragliding for those who want even more adventure.

However, hiking is possibly the most popular tourist activity as it is the best way to explore Slovenia’s wonderful scenery. The Julian Alps trail covers more than 300 km and is possibly the most famous multi-day trail. On the other hand, the Vintgar Gorge is possibly the most popular short, easy hike, with only 1.7 km, mostly done on walkways.

Cycling is possibly the second most popular outdoor activity in Slovenia as the country offers excellent infrastructure, including a wide range of routes for road and mountain cyclists with all kinds of experience. But we will explore cycling more in detail below, as Slovenia has become one of the most renowned nations in the cycling world.

Slovenia well known facts
Walkways in Vintgar Gorge in Slovenia | What is Slovenia Known for


Let’s be honest if you enjoy cycling or watch professional cycling, you were expecting this. When cycling enthusiasts hear the name Slovenia, there’s one name that immediately comes to mind, and that is Tadej Pogačar.

Well, to be fair, if you are a true fan, you will also remember Roglič, Mohorič, and a few others.

At only 24 years old, Pogačar has become the world’s most prolific rider, winning many of the world’s most important road races, including the Tour de France twice, four monuments of cycling, and several other World Tour races. He has shown such a display of talent and physical endurance that he has been compared with legends like Merckx, Hinault, and Coppi.

In 2020, Pogačar was the first Slovenian to win the most important race in the world – the Tour de France, but the most amazing part is that he took the win from Primož Roglič, another Slovenian (and the first Slovenian to win a Grand Tour).

So, this country of 2 million people has produced two of the best riders in the world right now. It is incredible, but one can understand a little better after visiting Slovenia. There are so many cycling lanes and trails and so many people riding from all ages! They truly love cycling and have created superb conditions for it.

Everything about Slovenia
Bicycle trails spread all over Slovenia | famous things in Slovenia

Really good at sports

As impressive as the cycling achievements of Pogačar and other Slovenians are, they are far from being the only incredible sports feats from Slovenia. If there’s one thing that impresses me in Slovenia, it is how good they are at sports.

It’s not only one or two, but several sports where we can find one or many talented athletes from Slovenia, ranging from Cycling to Basketball, Ski Jumping, Ice-Hockey, rock climbing, and so much more! You may be thinking we are exaggerating, but let’s look at some of the most famous sportspeople from Slovenia:

  • Tadej Pogačar – the already mentioned cycling superstar
  • Primož Roglič – Three-time winner of the Vuelta and easily one of the top 5 best cyclists in the last five years.
  • Luka Dončić – one of the world’s best players of Basketball
  • Anže Kopitar – a great NHL player in the last decade
  • Jan Oblak – One of the best goalkeepers in the world
  • Tina Maze won two gold medals in ski racing at the 2014 Olympics.
  • Peter Prevc won one gold and a silver medal in ski jumping at the 2022 Olympics.
  • Janja Garnbret – one of the world’s best rock climbers

Moreover, Slovenia was also the European Champion in Basketball in 2017, another incredible feat for a country with 2M people.

Best things of Slovenia
Mountains in Vršič Pass in Slovenia


Slovenia has a long winemaking tradition, dating back at least to Roman times. It has several well-known wine regions, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. They are appreciated internally but also worldwide, as they have been increasingly exported.

Primorska, located along the Adriatic coast, is the most famous, which produces high-quality whites of the varieties Rebula, Malvazija, and Chardonnay. The moderate climate, the influence of the sea, and the rich soil provide the terroir to produce complex wines.

Other notable wine regions include Podravje along the Drava River (whites), Posavje (reds), and Dolenjska (reds).

Slovenian wines have gained international recognition in neighboring countries like Croatia, Austria, and Italy, but also across the Atlantic in the USA and Canada. Some of the best wineries have also won awards and received high ratings from experts and critics in recent years.

Lipizzan Horses

Slovenia is known for being the home of the Lipizzaner (or Lipizzan) horse. This famous breed of horses was initially developed in the 16th century by the Habsburg monarchy, which ruled over much of central Europe, including parts of Slovenia.

The Lipizzaner horses were bred to be used in court and military ceremonies. They are known for their strength, agility, and ability to perform complex maneuvers. Today, they are used in equestrian performances and competitions and have become a Slovenian symbol worldwide.

Although the breed was endangered several times (particularly during the war), the stud fard is still active and can be easily visited in Lipica. In fact, the Lipica stud farm is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, as visitors come to see the horses and watch them perform. The name of the breed derives exactly from this small Slovenian town.

The Lipizzaner is closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, where the horses are the stars, demonstrating the “haute école” movement of classical dressage. They are highly prized for their intelligence, beauty, and athleticism. Sometimes, they are known or called white horses, but their color is, in fact, gray.

Interestinga things about Slovenia
Lipizzan Horses in Lipica, Slovenia


Nature lovers know Slovenia is one of the few European countries with bears, notably the brown bear. It is the largest mammal in Slovenia and an essential part of the biodiversity. As so, they have been protected by law since 1951 and are considered a symbol of the country’s natural heritage.

With an estimated population of about 500 individuals, Slovenia is the 7th country in Europe with most bears. They are primarily located in the forests of Kočevje in the South, the Julian Alps, and the Dinaric Mountains.

Although the brown bear population in Slovenia is relatively large, it is not easy to see the animals in the wild. The best way to see bears in Slovenia is by taking one of the bear-watching tours available. Otherwise, it is extremely difficult to spot one. Though, if you encounter one, remember that they are wild and dangerous animals!

Well known things about Slovenia
What is Slovenia known for? – Bears, but they aren’t easy to spot.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is probably the most famous landmark in Slovenia and one of its main tourist attractions.

Located in the Julian Alps in Northwest Slovenia, Lake Bled is a picture-perfect destination with clear waters, high mountains in the backdrop, and a love island with a church. A Medieval Castle also stands high above the north shore, making it even more appealing.

With 2,120 m (6,960 ft) long and 1,380 m (4,530 ft) wide, with a maximum depth of 29.5 m (97 ft), Lake Bled is the postcard of Slovenia. It has been a destination for Europeans for centuries. As expected, the lake shores are well-developed and have all the needed infrastructure.

Slovenia well known facts
Beautiful Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most famous landmarks.
10 things slovenia is famous for

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