Best travel pillows for long-haul flights

We love traveling, we love almost everything about it, though there are some downsides to it and one of them is having to do long-haul flights. Not being able to find a good position to sleep ruins the night and the next day of the trip. We end up not doing much and get anxious to go to the hotel and sleep…

After long hours of traveling, we discovered that one of the tricks to have a good night’s sleep is having a great travel pillow. The most frequent travel pillows are the traditional U-Shaped ones, though they don’t quite work for most of us, plus some aren’t practical to carry around. Thus, we decided to research and compile a list of the best travel pillows for long flights available in the market and save you the trouble and time of having to do it yourself!

How to choose the best travel pillow for flying?

Travel pillows have to be comfortable and allow good neck support, therefore, they can’t be too low, or you’ll have neck pain. On the other hand, you must be able to incline your neck in front or to the sides. The pillows should be light and as small as possible in order to be easy to pack.

Other aspects you have to bear in mind are if the pillows are machine wash proof if the travel pillow overheats, and the size of the travel pillow has te suitable to your neck size. These are the most important features that you have to bear in mind, everything else is a bonus and where it comes to your own taste!

Travel PillowIdeal forSizeRatingPrice
- Long travel, easy to pack- 136 g; - 18x18cm9See Price

- Long travel, easy to pack- 5x23x9 cm (rolled)7See Price
Cabeau Evolution Cool
-Long travel, easy to pack-360g; - 11x14 cm8See Price
BCOZZY Chin Supporting
-Good head support-209g; - 24x28x12 cm6 See Price
Huzi Infinity Pillow
- Head support-36g; - 25,4x16,5x16,5 cm6See Price
- Lean in front- 344g; 18x13cm4See Price
- Head support-400g; - 40x35,5x7,6 cm5See Price
Travelstar Hoodie
-Head support; - Privacy- 18g; - 22x26x8 cm5See Price
Travel Pillow for Kids
-inflatable bed for kids to lay down- 340g;5See Price

Best travel pillows for long-haul flights

These travel pillows are recommended for travelers that have to travel light and can’t carry around a large pillow. Thus the travel pillow has to be light or inflatable, easy to pack, but at the same time must be comfortable and allow you to sleep.

Trtl Travel Pillow

The Trtl pillow has all of the most important features, it allows good neck support, it is light and easy to pack. This machine-washable pillow is super light, weighing only 136 g and very small with 18x18cm. It looks like a scarf, but actually, it hides a cushion that supports your neck in a comfortable position. You have the option to hold your head on the shoulder or under the neck.

The only disadvantage of the pillow is that it only allows you to incline your head to one side. But besides that, if you love to travel this one is a must…

We liked this neck pillow so much that we included it as a top Christmas gift idea for this year.

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Travelrest – Ultimate Travel Pillow

The Travelrest pillow is not your typical pillow, it is rather lateral support with a neck pillow. It gives a cozy backing to your head and arm allowing you to incline to one side without bothering the side passenger. It is inflatable, hand washable and easy to pack, with rolled dimensions of 5x23x9 cm. The downside is that it doesn’t give big support to your head, allowing your head to tilt frontwards.

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Cabeau Evolution Cool Travel Pillow

The Cabeau Evolution Cool Pillow may look like the traditional U-shaped travel pillow, but it is much better. It provides bigger support to your neck, it is quite high (14 cm to be precise), allowing you to rest in different positions, front and sidewards. It is easy to pack because it shrinks in half, weighing 360g and its packing size is 11×14 cm. Also, it doesn’t tend to overheat because of its cooling mechanism. On the downside, this pillow can be uncomfortable to people with short necks and it is the most expensive on the list.

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Best neck pillows for traveling on airplanes, trains or cars

These travel pillows have the best neck support and are super comfortable! However, in this list, we didn’t take into account if they easy to pack and carry around! They are mostly indicated for road trips, train trips or even airplane trips but only if you don’t have to worry about the packing.

Bcozzy chin Supporting travel neck Pillow

Bcozzy chin supporting pillow has the advantage of supporting all your head, so when you fall asleep and your head tills, the pillow supports it and prevents neck tenderness. This pillow can also be used by kids and can be used in multiple positions. It has a strap that attaches it to your bag but it weighs 209g and it measures 24x28x12 cm. The big inconvenience of this pillow is that despite being light, it isn’t easy to pack and transport because it’s bulky.

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Huzi Infinity Pillow

The Huzi Infinity Pillow is a cozy pillow that you can wrap around your neck and arms. It can be used in different positions and for different purposes like being a holder for your pc or a back cushion, or even a window pillow. It is machine washable, and super light ( only 36 gr.), although it isn’t very practical for traveling ( size 25,4×16,5×16,5 cm), not being easy to pack and carry with you.

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Simplech Inflatable Travel Pillow

We haven’t tried anything similar to the Simplech pillow, but there are people that manage and feel comfortable sleeping with this pillow. It allows you to lean in front, so you are able to sleep with your head inclining frontwards or sideways, preventing neck stiffness. Although it is inflatable still occupies plenty of space. It weighs 344 g and its packing size is 18x13cm, so it isn’t practical to travel for most of us.

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Daisy travel Pillow

Daisy travel Pillow holds your neck and head, acting as a head cushion and supports your neck and chin. It is machine washable, but unfortunately, it’s heavy (400g) and occupies loads of space (40×35,5×7,6 cm). It is also a bit pricey.

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Travel hoodie pillows

Travelstar hoodie travel neck pillow

The Travelstar hoodie combines a U-shaped travel pillow with a hoodie, making it ideal for people that don’t like to be bothered as well as being in the zone resting and blocking everyone out.  While it’s cozy and very light (18g) it is a bit bulky with (22x26x8), besides it isn’t machine washable. Note: Be aware that it only comes in one size so before ordering be sure that it fits you…

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Kids Travel Pillow

Traveling with kids on long flights isn’t easy, especially if they don’t sleep, or if they sleep on top of their parents, not allowing them to rest. After researching we realized that there isn’t a big variety of options for children or babies, and some options don’t seem safe. We got to the conclusion that the best options are pillows like Airplane travel beds for kids that kids can sleep on.

Airplane travel bed for kids

The Airplane travel bed isn’t quite a pillow it is more like a bed that fills the legroom gap on the airplane, allowing kids to lay down. It’s inflatable, you can use the overhead air vent in flight or blow it, so it is relatively easy to pack and it’s light 340g. If you are planning to travel with kids, this could be the solution to your problems!

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Whatever the situation we are, being able to sleep on a long voyage is very fundamental to enjoy the vacations! We hope you liked our travel and neck pillow options. There is nothing like a good night’s sleep!

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