What to do in Munich for 2 days

Munich is the capital and the biggest city in Bavaria. It’s also the 3rd largest city in Germany (after Hamburg and Berlin). This is a big town with plenty of things to do and see. You’ll need at least 2 days in Munich to see the main things. Though you need to know that even if you visit Munich in 2 days, you’ll only be able to see the most important sights and won’t have time for day trips.

If you look closely at Munich, you will notice two things: 1) the city looks very new, and everything appears to be recent; 2) There seems to be a lot of construction work… Why? Munich is a historic city but is 60 years old because it is still being reconstructed from WWII. It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s true! Munich was almost entirely destroyed by the bombings and more than 90% of the buildings in the historic center.

Top attractions to see in 2 days in Munich
What to do in Munich for 2 days

So, is it worth it to visit Munich in 2 days? We will first explore what to do in Munich in 2 days and then create a Munich itinerary, and then you can make up your own mind.

Best things to do in 2 Days in Munich

Munich free walking tour

One of the best ways of quickly getting to know a city is by doing a walking tour. Nowadays, you have one or many free walking tours in almost any big European city. While visiting Munich for the first time, we did the “in Munich” free walking tour, and we really enjoyed it.

The tour guide was excellent and knowledgeable. He was funny and knew much about the city and its traditions (mainly beer-related, obviously 🙂 ) even though he wasn’t German. Moreover, he was an ex-teacher, which showed in the detailed but precise way he explained and reviewed what he had to show us.

Munich free walking tour - one of things to do in Munich in 2 days
what to see in Munich in 2 days


This is the heart of Munich, the old (but new) town. It’s usually very crowded, and it’s in an area full of bars, shops, and restaurants. It’s also famous for its Christmas markets, so if you are going in December, that will be a big plus. Marienplatz is also where the Rathaus (town hall) and the Glockenspiel tower are. The Marienplatz is mandatory in any Munich itinerary.

Another great way of visiting the center of Munich is by doing this tour

What to do in Munich in 2 days? explore the city center
Munich Rathaus in Marienplatz

Looking for accommodation?


The glockenspiel is part of Marienplatz, but it deserves its own heading. This is basically a show of wooden figures moving theatrically for 15 minutes. There are bells and a song in the background. The show tells some of the most famous stories about Munich.

Because it’s so quirky, it’s usually considered one of the must-see attractions of Munich… but it has also been nominated as the second most overrated attraction in Europe! We lean more toward the second option, although I can understand why it was extraordinary many years ago.

Glockenspiel one of the mandatory stops when you visit Munich in 2 days
Munich for 2 days

Englischer Garten

Englischer Garten is the main city park in Munich. It’s a vast park and one big reason to really enjoy a city like Munich. You can go for a walk, run, or even participate in sports with locals and other tourists. It’s also fun to watch adventurers surf in the river rapids! Or if you are brave enough to join them. As expected, the Park has a few beer gardens 🙂


Viktualienmarkt is Munich’s farmers market, or at least it started as so. Now it’s so much more than just a farmers’ market. It’s always buzzing with people trying to buy all kinds of things: flowers, plants, herbs, meat, fish, wine, milk, vegetables, fruits, honey… We had a fantastic soup there to warm us up. Tip: it’s closed on Sundays, so if one of your 2 days in Munich on a Sunday, go in the other 🙂

This tour actually includes the Viktualienmarkt!

What to do in Munich during 2 days? Go to the farmers market
Viktualienmarkt is a mandatory stop when visiting Munich in two days

Nymphenburg Palace

Bavaria is full of castles and palaces with beautiful gardens. Nymphenburg is another excellent example. It’s built in a baroque style and has beautiful interiors. If you really can’t go to the ones in the countryside (or can’t get enough of it), this is a great option!

The castles and palaces are some of the most famous things about Germany. Do you know what else Germany is famous for?

Hofbrauhaus am Platzl

The Hofbräuhaus is a very touristy pub, but it’s a must-go place when two days in Munich. There you will experience a true Bavarian night, although there are more tourists than locals. But this is more than just a pub. It has a vast history that connects to Bavarian history itself.

Initially built in 1589 as the official royal brewery, it only opened to the public in the 19th century. In 1919 the communist government made the beer hall their headquarters, and in 1920 the Nazis held their first (of many) meetings in the festival room.

During WWII, it was almost completely destroyed and then rebuilt (like the rest of Munich itself). One could easily argue that drinking a beer there is a history lesson.

A very interesting way of visiting Hofbrauhaus am Platzl is doing this tour

Visit Hofbrauhaus am Platzl in Munich when you visit Munich for 2 days
The festival room, where the Nazi party used to meet

Deutsches Museum

When visiting the Deutsches Museum, you will experience science and technology. If you are really into it, you can be there for hours or even a day to discover it. It has 5 big themes: Natural sciences; Materials, energy & production; Traffic, Mobility & transportation; Communication, Information & Media; Man & Environment. Be aware that some parts aren’t translated into English…


The Olympiapark is the site of the 1972 Summer Olympic games. It’s a great place to walk and visit one landmark of sports history. The tensile roofing structure of the stadium and other buildings are eye-catching and outstanding. Almost any sports fan will recognize them very quickly.

Top things to do in Munich in two days
Munich in two days

BMW Welt & BMW Museum

These are very close and within a walking distance from Olympiapark. They are a must if you love motorbikes and cars, particularly BMW. We went to both but actually preferred the BMW Welt.

BMW Welt is more like a show where you can see the Cars & Motos and actually touch them. They have a price tag; you can even buy them :). It was fun to play around for a while. And it’s free! We always love free activities.

BMW Museum is an old-style museum and is only worth it if you are very into it. It’s 10 euros, but you do get to see more than 100 cars and motorbikes. Old, new, special editions… Even a few airplane motors. But it should have more interactive modern exibitions.

Best activities to do in Munich for 2 days

Allianz Arena tour & Bayern Museum

The Allianz Arena is the home of the mighty FC Bayern Munich. If you are a sports fan, you will enjoy visiting the inside of the stadium, the locker rooms, the mixed zone, and the tunnel and getting closer to the field. The stadium itself is one of the most beautiful in the world, particularly at night.

What to do in Munich for 2 days? Go the the Allianz arena

The FC Bayern Museum is an opportunity to see all the trophies and revive the great games and players of FC Bayern. Again, this should be a much more interactive museum. Near the museum, there’s also a store with every possible FC Bayern item for sale.

bulb on What to do in Munich for 2 days


The best option would be to visit the stadium on a matchday and have the entire experience.

Visiting Dachau Concentration Camp

Visiting Dachau is easily the least fun of these 2 days in Munich itinerary. In retrospect, it’s also probably the most important. To sum it up, Dachau was the first concentration camp and the model where all the others were made. It had a big role in one of the darkest times in recent history.

Discovering History, expanding your knowledge, or simply understanding a new perspective on something is a big part of traveling. Doing a tour of the Dachau memorial site delivers all of this! We wrote a full review of our visit to Dachau.

Half a Day trip from Munich to Dachau is possible even when you are only staying 2 days in Munich
Munich itinerary 2 days

Book here a half a day trip to Dachau!

Day Trip To The Bavarian Castles

There are many day tours to the Bavarian castles/palaces, particularly to Neuschwanstein, aka the Cinderella castle. However, if you are on a road trip like us, you can drive yourself and choose which castles to visit. But there are other options to get to Neuschwanstein.

We recommend Neuschwanstein (obviously), Hohenschwangau Castle (it’s right next to Neuschwanstein), and the Linderhof Palace (aka the little Versailles). This is really one of the must-see in Munich in 2 days. Don’t skip it, even if some of the castles are overcrowded.

Munich for 2 days
Munich for 2 days itinerary

Book a full day trip to the castles here

Go to a wine or beer festival

You are obviously thinking of Oktoberfest… 🙂 And so are we! But do you know that there are tons of more festivals around Munich? If you can’t during Oktoberfest, check the calendar of the other festivals, you’ll probably have one during your stay!

What to do in 2 days in munich? Go to a beer festival
Munich 2 days itinerary

Two days in Munich Itinerary

2 days in Munich: Day 1

  • Walking tour
  • Marienplatz
  • Glockenspiel
  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Englischer Garten
  • Hofbrauhaus am Platzl

2 days in Munich: Day 2

  • Olympiapark
  • BMW Welt & BMW Museum (if you are into cars) or the Allianz Arena (if you are into football)
  • Dachau Concentration Camp (remember that this is a half a day trip)
  • The Deutsches Museum is an alternative to either Dachau, Allianz, or BMA for science geek travelers,

If you have one more day to spare, we strongly suggest you take a day trip to the castles, particularly to Neuschwanstein.

Overall, there are many things to do in Munich and with different perspectives on what traveling is about. You can learn science & history, taste famous beers, explore castles and palaces, go to a football match or check out BMWs…

Definitely, Munich deserves a few days of your attention 🙂 If it’s 2 days in Munich or more, it’s up to you! Munich is also a great destination to start an itinerary around Germany or a road trip through central Europe, where you can include some of its most beautiful cities, Prague, Vienna (and its sister Bratislava), Budapest… If you are planning a road trip, make sure you read this Germany road trip guide.

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  5. Who knew there was so much to do in Munich? It looks stunning – and I never knew so much of the city was destroyed in WWII. I know so much of my own city – London – was. Such a waste on both sides…but interesting restructure now. Thanks for sharing.

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