What is Egypt famous for?

In Egypt’s chapter of our famous things across the globe series, we have invited our fellow blogger Monica of “Ahlan Monica” What is Egypt famous for? This is her interesting response!

While its Ancient History is a huge part of its appeal and mystery – and likely the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Egypt, there’s so much more that this incredible country is famous for! Let’s explore what Egypt is known for!

10 Things Egypt is famous for

#1 Pyramids

It goes without saying that the last standing Ancient Wonder of the World, the Great Pyramids, is synonymous with Egypt. These Pyramids were built for Pharaohs Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu and housed the worldly possessions that they believed they would take with them into the afterlife.

No photos can really do the Pyramids justice as when you experience it for yourself first hand. You’ll stand in sheer awe at their size and imagine how these massive stones were built into these structures in ancient times.

But would you be surprised to know that these three pyramids aren’t the only ones in the country? It’s said that there are over 100 throughout the country, and many discoveries are still constantly happening.

These ancient Egyptian tombs have such an allure and mystery to them that it’s no wonder that this amazing site is one of the most recognizable in the world.

What is Egypt famous for?
Great Pyramids in Egypt, the most famous thing in Egypt | photo by Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#2 The Sphinx

Located in the Great Pyramids Complex is one of its protectors, the Sphinx. With the body of a lion and the face of a human, this mythological creature still captivates people over 4000 years after being built.

While the Sphinx we see today is still massive, it’s missing something… a big chunk of its nose. We still don’t know the true story of why or how this came to be, but nonetheless, it now adds to its charm!

The Sphinx is one of the things Egypt is well-known for
What is Egypt famous for? The Sphinx | Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#3 Egyptian Cotton

There have been songs written about Egyptian Cotton – it’s that infamous! It has the reputation of having better quality and stronger fibers. It’s usually associated with more premium products, and with that comes a higher price tag. When you add the ‘Egyptian’ before the cotton, it automatically brings to mind luxury.

Egyptian cotton is, in fact, one of the country’s most significant exports, and it’s used in everything from clothing to bedding all over the world. So, When asking yourself what is Egypt famous for producing? Cotton should be on the top of your list.

#4 Koshary

What is Egypt famous for food? While Egyptian cuisine is delicious, the national dish and favorite dish in Egypt is Koshary. During each of the parts that make up, Koshary is everything but Egyptian, it’s the mixing of these ingredients that makes it uniquely theirs.

Koshary originated during the 19th century and combines Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern culinary elements. This is a carb-heavy dish made up of rice, macaroni, and lentils. Then it’s topped up with tomato sauce, chickpeas, garlic vinegar, and the best part, fried onions.

My mouth is watering just thinking about this popular street food. You can find it everywhere in Egypt.

What is Egypt known for
Koshary- Egypt’s national dish | photo by Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#5 Mo Salah

While there are many famous Egyptians renowned around the world, like actor Omar Sherif, there’s an Egyptian who has recently overtaken the (soccer) world, Mohamed Salah!

Mo Salah plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League and is obviously on the Egyptian national team.

From very humble beginnings in a small town in Egypt, he’s worked his way to be considered one of the best players in the world. He’s charming, down to earth, and beloved by Egyptians and foreigners alike!

Together with Brazilian Roberto Firmino and the Senegalese Sadio Manè, he makes one of the the world’s best forward tridents while playing for Liverpool.

#6 Mosques

Cairo, the capital of Egypt itself, is known as the city of a thousand minarets, and the country as a whole is home to over 100,000 mosques. Islamic history is rich throughout Egypt, with some of the most impressive mosques in the world located there.

From the architecture to the detailed inscriptions, the mosques, in many ways, are pieces of art and not only places of worship. It’s unlikely you’ll travel to Egypt without visiting a mosque. Among the most beautiful are Ibn Tulun (the oldest), Mohammed Ali (known as the alabaster mosque), and Sultan Hassan (one of the largest).

Famous things about Egypt
Mosque Ibn Tulun in Egypt | photo by Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#7 Beaches

For those who know, they know. But for many others, it may be Egypt’s best-kept secret – their jaw-dropping beaches.

Egypt has no shortage of beach vacation options from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. There’s something here for the avid snorkelers, divers, or just beachgoers.

Crystal blue waters with pristine sandy beaches are what await you throughout Egypt’s coasts. From Marsa Matrouh to Hurghada, Dahab, or Sharm el Sheik, the beaches here are so blue that you’ve only dreamed of.

Interesting things Egypt is known for
Marsa Matrouh is one of Egypt’s best beaches – Egypt is known for the good beaches | photo by Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#8 Film industry

The Egyptian film (for both movies and tv shows) industry is famous throughout the Middle East. Egypt has produced nearly three-quarters of all films in the region since the early 1900s.

So often, if you are looking to learn an Arabic dialect, Egyptian is always recommended, as it’s the most widely understood due to the popularity of their media in the Arab world.

#9 Pharaonic History

From the valley of the kings to the temples of Philae, there’s so much fascinating ancient pharaonic history spread throughout the country.

Taking a Nile Cruise through Upper Egypt from Luxor to Aswan, in particular, will take you on a ride through the most remarkable Egyptian sites. From the temple of Karnak to Abu Simbel, the main attractions are mostly in impeccable condition, particularly if you consider their age.

Despite still being shrouded in mystery, these historic monuments tell the story of the Ancient Egyptians and how they celebrated life and death.

The Nile itself is also famous, as it’s the provider of life, and most cities were established on its banks. Even during Roman times, the Nile banks were considered the most fertile land of the empire.

What is Egypt famous for
Pharaonic Temple | photo by Monica of “Ahlan Monica”

#10 Revolution

Egypt is so much more than just its ancient history! Like many of its neighboring countries, Egypt participated in the Arab Spring revolutions in 2011. It was a revolution fueled with hope from the younger generations excited to make an impact in their countries.

In January of that year, the country started demonstrations that resulted in the downfall of its 30-year ruler, Hosni Mubarak, in only 18 short days. This, then, led to the first democratic election that saw Mohamed Morsi into office. About a year later, he was ousted by the Military and replaced by current President el-Sisi.

While, like many countries in the region, Egypt has its ups and downs, Egyptians are hopeful for the future. Understanding this pivotal time in its more recent history will help them appreciate what led them to where they are today. 

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What is Egypt famous for?
What is Egypt known for

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