Things about Angola

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Interesting Facts About Angola

1. In which province is the famous Serra da Leba road?

Serra da Leba in Namibe

2. What's the name of the River of the Kalandula falls?

Kalandula waterfall

3. What's the name of this waterfall?

Musseleje Falls Angola

4. What beach is this?

Sangano Beach Angola Angola
5. In which province can we see this wonderful landscape?

What to do in Angola
6. What's the capital of Kwanza North?
7. Luena is the Capital of...
8. In terms of area, what's the biggest province in Angola?
9. In how many provinces is Angola divided?
10. How many countries does Angola border?

11. What are the colors of the Angola Flag?
12. What's the name this place?

Top Travel Destinations to visit in Angola

13. What's the name of this river?

how to go to Rapids of River Kwanza
14. Angola's National animal is the...
15. Are there elephants and giraffes in Kissama National Park?

Animals of Kissama Park Angola

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