Welcome to travel draft’s Angola page. We have lived and worked in Angola for 3 years, so we know this exotic African Country very well.

Because we love to travel we also explore the country thoroughly and found some amazing places! Most of them ( or maybe all?) are barely known to the outside world!

Angola in a hindsight

Angolan Flag

Official Name: Republic of Angola

Language: Portuguese; Although, Kikongo, Kimbundu, and Umbundu are co-official languages;

Demonyn: Angolan

Area: 1 246 700 km2 (22nd in the world);

Population: +25 700 000 , very sparsely populated;

Capital (and biggest city): Luanda;

GBP per capita PPP: $4 101 – 2018 estimate (91st);

Currency: Kwanza;

Time Zone: WAT (UTC+1);

Visas: Visitors to Angola must obtain a visa from one of the Angolan diplomatic missions or online. A tourist visa must be used within 60 days from the issue date and is valid for 30 days – it can be extended once for an additional period of 30 days. More info here!

Weather: Mainly tropical and subtropical climate;

Main Religion: Mostly Christian Catholic, but there are 100’s of religions in Angola;

Driving: on the right;

Electricity plugs: Type C;

Telephone code: +244;

Serra da Leba Angola homepage Guide to Angola
Kalandula waterfall

Must Visit: Luanda, BenguelaLubango, and Malanje;

Must do experiences: Watching the amazing African sunset, a safari in Kissamadescend to Kalandula Fallsdriving from Lubango to Namibe through Serra da Leba;

What to eat in Angola: Check our complete guide on Angolan Cuisine;

Peak season:  There is no tourism, so no peak season. Note that cacimbo season is between may and September which means colder and greyer weather. 

Recommended travel resourses

Recommended travel book: Lonely planet’s

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Don’t forget: Always have travel insurance!

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