The Best Beaches in Angola for you to visit

You probably don’t think of Angolan Beaches when considering great beaches. We have never seen an Angolan beach in those internet contests… Well, that’s not entirely surprising, Angola is perhaps one of the least touristy countries in the world, and it’s very difficult to get in. But that’s a whole other issue.

The truth is that besides the ones living (or lived) in Angola, no one would remember to put an Angolan beach in a contest because no one knows them. However, there are some amazing beaches in Angola, and a few of them could easily contest to be among the best in the world.

So what are the best beaches in Angola, and what do they offer?

Best Beaches in Angola

Beaches of the Island of Luanda or “ilha”

The island of Luanda (or Cape Island) is a 7 km long tongue of land right in front of the bay of Luanda. This means a 7 km long beach just 2 minutes from the city center! How many capital cities in the world can say they have this? I can’t think of any.

The island is full of bars, restaurants, and discos, some of which are all in one. Some of these bars/restaurants have an almost private beach for themselves. All these beaches have warm water and some waves to have fun. Unfortunately, these aren’t the cleanest beaches around. The proximity to the city also has its downsides.

Our favorite beaches with the resort are the Coconuts and Caribe. Unfortunately, Caribe is sometimes too crowded, but it is very cool for people-watching. Coconuts usually have fewer people, but you can have brunch at a beach bar on Sundays. It doesn’t get better than that 🙂

If you prefer not to have a resort next to you and far fewer people, our favorite option is the one next to Tamariz.

The Best Beaches in Angola - Island of Luanda
Best beaches in Angola

Mussulo beach

So, you were convinced that Luanda is lucky for having the Island of Luanda… Well, it is, but wait until I tell you about Mussulo! Mussulo is a few km south of Luanda city center and is a 30km long tongue of land/sand.

The water is even warmer than in the rest of Angola and without waves, creating a (huge) lagoon-like environment in the sea.

To go there, you should get a boat from the mainland. It is possible to use an SUV, but there’s no road, and really far away.

In Mussulo, you will find a few resorts, many private houses (some ridiculously luxurious) with secluded beaches, and some secular beaches with few people.

It’s just next to Luanda’s chaos, but you have a completely different and chilled vibe there. Just perfect for relaxing under the sun and forgetting about daily life problems for a few hours or a weekend. It is, of course, beautiful with a long beach, warm seawater, palm trees…

Mussulo Beach Angola. one of the top Angola Beaches
Mussulo Beaches are some of the best in Angola

Sangano and Cabo Ledo

Almost 100 km south of Luanda and without any city major city closer, you have the beaches of Sangano and Cabo Ledo. Both beaches are in a bay with perfect yellow sand and beautiful blue seawater.

While most people prefer Cabo Ledo, I actually like Sangano more – the trees on the beach give it a very cool look and provide a nice shade. The summer sun in Angola is way too hot for me.

These beaches are usually full of expats on Saturdays and Sundays because it’s used as weekend retreats. It is possible to spend the night there. The biggest downside is the horrible traffic you get returning to Luanda at the end of the day.

Best Beaches in Angola - Sangano
Sangano, one of the best Angola Beaches

Porto Amboim

Porto Amboim is halfway from Luanda to Benguela. We have never spent a whole day by the beach here, we only made stopovers to have lunch on our way to Lobito/Benguela.

Porto Amboim looks like a fantastic place to get away from Luanda. The beach itself is far from crowded and has warm water and soft yellow sand

Restinga in Lobito

If you think Luanda is lucky to have Cape Island, you probably never heard of Restinga… Restinga is just like the island of Luanda… only better.

Restinga is slightly smaller, 5 km long, and has little traffic (which is sometimes a problem on the Island); the sand and water are a bit cleaner than in the Capital city and warm, as always in Angola.

As expected, you get the usual restaurants and bars where you can eat and drink, but at a smaller price and with fewer options than in Luanda.

Top beaches Angola - restinga

Baia Azul in Benguela

South to Benguela and slightly off the main road, but easy to find, there’s the beach of Baía Azul (“Blue Bay”). When we got there, we immediately thought this was the best beach in Angola (we were wrong, continue reading, please)

It’s a 3km long bay with soft and clean sand. Named “Blue Bay,” you have guessed that the water has very strong blue tones but is also very clear and warm.

This is considered the main beach of Benguela and it’s perfect for lying down and relaxing, playing in the sand, diving in, and even for water sports.

Best beaches in Benguela, Angola
Baía Azul, Benguela

Baía Farta, South to Benguela

Baía Farta is a fishing village/town, and its name means something like the bay of plenty, and it’s easy to figure out why 🙂 Finding the beach was weirdly difficult. We had to drive around a few times and ask twice.

To get to the beach, we go to the end of the road and then go around the buildings on a dirt road that looks like that goes nowhere. It just looked like we were entering someone’s yard, and once we got in, we found a huge strand of sand going directly to the sea.

It had no one on the beach and only a small fisherman’s boat. To get near the sea, you must walk about 200/300 meters in the sold whitish sand. As you approach the water, you realize the beautiful scenery and the privilege of enjoying it yourself.

After 300 meters of walking under the sun in the sand, diving in the blue turquoise and crystal clear feels heavenly. If you ever go near Benguela, this is a must! And, in our opinion, the best beach in Angola!

Baia farta - the best beach in Angola
Baía Farta, Benguela

These are the best beaches in Angola we have been to; feel free to add the ones that we missed, especially the ones outside Luanda 🙂 Maybe we will be able to visit and add them to the post.

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