15 incredible reasons to visit Dublin

Ireland is a destination that appeals to a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons. It’s known for its unique brand of natural beauty, historic cities rich with culture, and, we should mention, some of the world’s most legendary beers and spirits.

To delve further into the specifics, however, we wanted to zero in on the country’s most famous city and highlight 15 reasons to visit Dublin.

Reasons to visit Dublin

1. The People Are Wonderful

While some have an image of Irish people as high-energy, party-loving folk, the truth is that the population in the country’s cities is wonderful. The people are festive but very friendly and eager to share their culture.

2. The Pubs Are As Good As Advertised

We couldn’t possibly write up a single pub or even a single pub crawl when highlighting these most famous of Irish establishments. Suffice it to say that the city of Dublin has a reputation as an excellent pub town with good reason. Lonely Planet attempted to list 20 of Dublin’s best pubs, and while it’s not a comprehensive list, it’s one you may want to glance at, and you probably won’t need more than 20 bars…

reasons to visit Dublin
Pub in Dublin Irland one of the best reasons to go to Dublin

3. Phoenix Park Is Breathtaking

Wild deer, a giant obelisk, open green areas, gardens, and the Dublin Zoo… all exist within Phoenix Park, combining to make it one of the most spectacular city parks in Europe. It is definitely a great reason to visit Dublin and Ireland.

4. You Can Browse The Trinity College Library

It isn’t easy to describe this library other than to say it looks like something from a fairy tale. It’s a magical place to explore if you get the chance. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Ireland. Interestingly the Trinity area is also one of the best to stay in Dublin.

Why you should go to Dublin
The Trinity College Library in Dublin

5. It’s A Good Excuse To Read

Speaking of the library, traveling to Dublin also gives you an excellent excuse to read some classic authors. With some excellent authors hailing from Dublin and others merely setting stories there, it’s a city very closely tied to excellent writing.

Reading in advance of your trip, or while staying there, is a treat. You will feel much closer to the objects of your reading and to the places you’ll visit.

6. You Can Try Kitesurfing

Many people are surprised at how close Dublin is to some beautiful coastal stretches – and even more surprised to learn that this is a little bit of a hub for the trendy water sport of kitesurfing. You’ll almost certainly want a wetsuit, but this is something to keep in mind if you’re an adventurous traveler.

7. The Comfort Food Is Delicious

Great seafood and traditional pub Irish food abound in Dublin in both casual and more upscale establishments. You won’t get quite as much variety as you would in, say, London, but the comfort food in Dublin is wonderful. Some of the best food in Ireland include Irish stew, boxty, and Irish butter.

Why you must visit Dublin
One of Irland’s most traditional foods- Boxty

8. Dublin is an excellent base for day trips

It’s perfectly possible to travel from Dublin to almost all the rest of the Island on a day trip. If you don’t have another option, it’s perfectly doable, with plenty of tours offering it… However, if you have time and want to really know the best places to visit in Ireland, you can also have a 7-day trip through Ireland.

9. Dublin Castle Is Well Worth Exploring

Dublin Castle stands strong right in the middle of town and is a perfect sightseeing attraction. The history around the building is awe-inspiring, too. There’s been a fortification in the area since before the year 1000, and parts of the castle you see today were built in the 13th century.

Reasons to visit Irland
Dublin Castle – Reasons to visit Dublin

10. So Is St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This is another must-see landmark in the city. Also a 13th-century building, it’s generally considered among the world’s most incredible cathedrals. If you want to learn more about it, have a look at this post about the history and beauty of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Dublin, and thus one of the reasons why you should visit Dublin.

11. You Can Walk Down Grafton Street

Every great European city has a walking avenue or neighborhood known for its shopping (and for generally vibrant activity). Dublin is no exception, and Grafton Street is one of the top attractions for many visitors.

why visit Dublin
Grafton Street is a famous street in Dublin, Ireland | by Gianliguori via Depositphotos

12. There Are Exotic Animals At The Dublin Zoo

It’s not necessarily bigger or better than other great urban zoos worldwide, but the collection of exotic animals at the Dublin Zoo is alluring, to say the least. There are apes, monkeys, big cats, rhinos, elephants, and giraffes – and those are just some of the highlights in the mammal category! It’s a beautiful city zoo located in the aforementioned Phoenix Park.

13. The Festival Scene Is Unrivaled

This point speaks for itself. But every prospective tourist should know that from music to visual arts to food and drinks, there are all kinds of fun festivals in Dublin each year. You may want to look at a calendar of festival events before booking your trip.

14. You Can Tour The Jameson Distillery

The idea of touring Guinness appeals to many travelers, and it’s arguable that no beverage is as closely tied to Dublin as Guinness beer. But at the end of the day, you can tour a brewery just about anywhere. The chance to explore and learn about the Jameson whiskey distillery is more unique (and, in the end, more uniquely Irish).

Why you should go to Dublin
Guinness beer is one of the most famous beers in the world

15. Local Theaters Make For A Lovely Night Out

As a final point, the theater scene in Dublin is terrific, no matter what happens to be playing. In particular, the Abbey Theater should be near the top of your list, blending a modern façade with a storied past and usually an excellent lineup of shows.

As great as Dublin is, Ireland is much more than only Dublin. If you have time to include other destinations, look at this incredible Ireland itinerary!

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