10 fun ways to travel at home

In certain moments of our lives, we all wish we could travel, but we can’t. There are so many reasons for it… money issues, health problems, inability to take a work leave, family-related difficulties…

So we gathered a list of ways to travel and discover the world from our home!

Ten ways to travel at home

#1 Watch movies and series about travel

You can travel by seeing the world through another person’s eyes, and one of the best ways to do that is with movies. With movies, you are able to discover new places, beautiful sceneries, and different food and live through the experiences of others.

Some of our favorite wanderlust-inducing movies are:

Though besides travel movies, there are several series about traveling. Some of our favorite travel series include

  • No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain
  • Planet Earth
  • Rick Steves travel series
  • Top Gear

#2 Go to Virtual museums

Visiting a Museum from the comfort of your couch is a fantastic way to travel without getting tired, plus they are free. Several famous museums have virtual tours, like:

Ways To Travel At Home
The Louvre Museum in Paris | photo via Depositphotos

#3 Eat food from other countries

One of the best things about traveling is eating dishes from different countries. Discovering new flavors is one of the best parts of a trip.

During your staycation, experiment with cooking food from other countries. Recreate your favorites or even adventure yourself to cook something new. You can travel only by using your taste buds and your past memories. Plus, you’ll have the pleasure of eating good food, and it’s a great way to keep yourself entertained.

We recommend the site 196 flavors, it has recipes from all over the world. And if you want to try doing a wicked Pad Thai from Thailand. If you want to learn about traditional Portuguese or Angolan Food check our posts.

Kaiseki Japanese food 10 fun ways to travel at home

#4 Speak with people from other countries

Reaching people on the other side of the world is a fantastic way to learn about different cultures and ideas. Isn’t traveling also about meeting new people? So make friends from another country, share, and learn cool stuff.

Some great platforms help you with this task, like:

  • Reddit – facilitates interaction with people who share the same interests as you.
  • Interpals – helps you interconnect with people all over the world.
  • Conversation Exchange – This site helps you find people worldwide and allows you to learn a new language by practicing speaking with native speakers. Two native speakers teaching each other their native language.
  • Quora– questions-based on a social media site, a platform where you can ask and respond to any question.

#5 Organizing travel photos

You usually take tons of photos during vacations and never organize them, right?… You probably don’t even remember precisely all the places you have been. Well, now you have the time you always wished for.

Organize and review the photos of all the marvelous places you have visited. It will be like reliving your voyages. It is also an excellent opportunity to select the best photos and, frame them, make a travel journal or photo book.

Some interesting travel DIY photo display ideas are cool and a good way to remember good times. Like a photo

What to do in a staycation
A beautiful DIY photo display gallery that you can do in-home

#6 Learn a new language

Now is a good time to stop procrastination if you have postponed learning a new language. Start preparing your next destination and learn the language of the country you plan to visit. Knowing some simple phrases makes your life easier, besides the locals will be so much more friendly and helpful.

Nowadays, there are several free and interactive sites and apps that help you through the difficult task of learning a new language, like:

Another way to learn a language is to watch foreign films and series that aren’t translated but have subtitles. By doing this, you train your ear and learn without noticing.

#7 Read books that inspire you to travel

An excellent travel book makes you travel the world. It gives you a feeling of excitement and wanderlust to devour the pages of a book that transports you to another place. So grab a great book and go travel from your couch.

Some of our favorite travel books are:

#8 Tour a National Park virtually

Did you know that you can visit a USA National park from home?… Well, yes, you can, and it is incredible. With arts and culture with Google, you can explore the USA National Parks – from the Fjords in Alaska to the Bryce Canyon in Utah.

The images are breathtaking, and the best is that you have a guide explaining everything you need to know about each sight. It couldn’t get better, well… It would be cool to have all the National Parks in the world… that would be even better. But seriously, check it out. It’s amazing.

Ways to travel from home
Mayan ruins in Guatemala

#9 Travel through Google Maps

Choose a country or city you are curious about and explore it with Street View on Google Maps. Street View is a technology provided by Google Maps and Google Earth that supplies interactive panoramas of the world. You can virtually see the world in 360º panorama photography. It is a mind-blowing feature and a cool way to roam worldwide.

Google Earth is also an excellent resource for everyone who loves to travel. The program allows you to explore the most iconic places in the world. It also has exciting games, questionnaires, old maps, and 3D models of famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Liberty Statue, Burj Khalifa, and much more. Google Earth is an excellent place to get lost; you won’t notice the time going by.

#10 Watch YouTube channels about Geography and Travel

YouTube has a few good YouTube channels about Geography that teach interesting facts about our planet. Some of our favorite vlogs about geography are:

  • Geography now – A YouTube channel that covers every country of the world, explaining the demographics and social and cultural aspects in a very cool way.
  • National Geographic – Who doesn’t know the National Geographic channel? Well, it basically explores everything related to planet Earth, science, history, and space… If you can’t find anything interesting here, there must be something wrong with you 🙂
  • Half as Interesting – This YouTube channel exposes the world and its curious aspects.

As for travel channels, we find it difficult to discover ones that can truly catch our attention. Usually, we get bored after 30 seconds… Although we find the ones listed below quite entertaining.

Or maybe you can start your own vlog. You only need some inspiration, a good micro, and a nice vlog camera for youtube.

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Ways to travel at home

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