Travel bucket list – 2018 Edition

It’s that time of the year… Christmas is gone, New year’s parties are being prepared and resolutions will be made! This is the perfect time to review 2017, check the new buzz destinations and plan the 2018 travels! As travel junkies, we have already done this a while ago and we will now share our travel bucket list with you… 🙂

If you are still looking for inspiration for where to go in 2018, these destinations will surely open your travel appetite!

Where to go in 2018

After the failure that was moving to Qatar and continuing our expat life experience, we decided to invest more time in the travel section of the blog and in traveling itself. This year we will continue this venue and travel to new destinations spread through the Americas and Europe. We will continue to write about Portugal, particularly now that it won the award of World’s Leading Destination 2017.


As Portuguese, living in Portugal, we have the ease of being able to travel around this wonderful country any time we want! We will take all opportunities to travel through Portugal and we will share with you all the best tips about it! We will continue to show you everything, from the off the beaten track destinations to the most touristy sites! As locals, we have all the insider knowledge that will make you fall in love with Portugal!

Best Beaches of Portugal

France – Bordeaux to Carcassone

Despite really enjoying the country, we haven’t visited France in a while. We have both been to Bordeaux but we haven’t visited it together nor more than a few hours. Thus we decided it was time to visit this vibrant city and then take the train to the incredible old town of Carcassone. It will be a great 5-day romantic escapade!

When you think of Bordeaux you think of its famous wine, but Bordeaux has much more to offer! It’s home to a charming old town and a long and rich history! It goes back to the Roman Empire and it passes through centuries of British rule!

Carcassone is a beautiful medieval town, famous for its great walled city. We love walking through old towns and Carcassone is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world! Let’s see if it lives up to its reputation!

Travel bucket list – 2018


Canada is on our travel bucket list for a long time but in 2018 we will finally make it happen! This will the first bigger trip of the year and should take us 2 to 3 weeks, in August. It isn’t a very long time for such a huge country. We will have to focus on the relatively small part of Canada! The problem? We can’t decide if we are going East or West! East has some amazing cities like Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city and the Niagara Falls… But the west has Jasper and Banff National Parks, the rocky mountains, and Vancouver…  Help? 🙂

Travel bucket list – 2018


In November, we will go to Cuba and it will be the second of our longer trips of the year and it will a bit different! For the first time in a few years, we will travel with a couple of friends! It should be fun and Cuba has so much to offer! From the amazing beaches to the unique city of Havana, passing through the food and culture of a country that is finally opening up to the world!

Travel bucket list – 2018

Spain – Basque Country road trip

Living in Portugal makes it very easy for us to have escapades in Europe and particularly in Spain! In 2018 we are planning to have a road trip from Portugal to the Basque Country. We will be visiting Bilbao, San Sebastian, Victoria and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. In terms of tourism, the Basque country is sometimes overshadowed by other regions of Spain but it’s a very special region with its own culture and unique places to visit! We are anxiously looking forward to exploring it!

Boat Ride in the Geopark Basque Country

In Conclusion, 2018 will be more about smaller escapades and 2 weeks vacations than long-term traveling. Despite this, we believe we have planned some great trips and will share them with you during the year!

What’s on your travel bucket list? What have you planned for 2018?

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