The top 10 travel Christmas gifts this year

So, I heard you want to give the coolest Christmas gift to someone you really like/love? Oh, and you want a travel-related gift because this person really loves to travel? Well, you are lucky! I have created the ultimate list of the 10 coolest Christmas gifts for travelers!

(Note: you can totally use this as guide for gifts to us 🙂 )

Travel Christmas gifts – Budget options

1. Cork Globe

This is a great gift for your globe-trotting friends! It’s made of soft cork to make sure color pencils and markers show up nice and bright. It will look perfect in almost every office or living-room. Honestly, I can´t imagine anyone who loves to travel who wouldn’t love to have one of these at home.

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2. Mosquito Repellent Bath Soap

If there’s something that can make you crazy is mosquitoes!! Those guys can turn a paradisiacal destination into hell on earth! Besides helping to protect you against mosquitoes this bath soap smells amazing.

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3. Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Did you think these were gifts only for people? 🙂 This easy to use travel mug is the perfect git for your dog! Traveling with your pet was never so easy, particularly road trips because this bowl fits in the standard car cup holder. 

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4. Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Only someone who hasn’t traveled in public transports for long periods would think that this isn’t a mandatory item! This cover is also perfect for outdoor travel, riding, climbing, hiking and so on. It protects the most important thing a traveler has.. the backpack! It’s mostly to protect from water but it will also protect from dirt, mud, dust or whatever happens. It’s waterproof, wear-resisting, durable, portable and useful making it an extremely useful gift 🙂

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5. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel top 500

You really can’t miss this one! Who’s the traveler who doesn’t have an ultimate bucket list of places to go? This list is made by Lonely planet’s specialists and includes 500 destinations, from the world-famous to little-known gems! Definitely, a must have and winner gift to anyone who likes traveling!

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6. Trtl Travel Pillow

This travel pillow changes the way you rest in long-haul flights! Forget about the traditional U-shaped memory foam pillows. The Trtl Pillow holds the neck in an ergonomic position during rest. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. It will revolutionize your travels, particularly long-haul ones. 

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7a. Mesh-Bottom Beach Bag For Quick Sand Removal

I love this concept… a Beach bag that’s easy to remove all the sand? You just need to shake the bag and all the sand is gone. With this bag you can keep your snacks, sunscreen, phone, makeup, towel, and change of clothes are sand-free. How cool is that? What will they invent next? an anti-sand beach towel?

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Traveler Christmas gifts – Mid-range prices


What was I saying? Oh yeah, It would be great if we could get a Mat/towel that keeps the sand where it belongs… And here it is! It’s perfect for camping and the beach, the Mat provides D-Rings around the edges to affix firmly to the ground.

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8. A Drone

Do you want to make a traveler happy? Give him a drone! I mean what traveler wouldn’t want to explore the world flying (and filming) to places that he can’t reach? or from angles that are impossible to do anyway else? The Holy Stone HS160 Shadow drone is incredibly small and light and therefore the perfect entry-level drone for any traveler! Even a backpacker! Its foldable & flexible blades make the drone smaller and portable palm-sized and provide a better and safer flight experience.

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9. Anti-Theft Backpack

Who’s the traveler that doesn’t need a backpack? This backpack has all the features you need, it’s waterproof, has hidden pockets to secure your wallet, laptop, smartphone away from the thief. Waist slots design keep passport, transport card, ticket safe and convenient to use. Moreover, it’s very stylish, comfortable to use and has USB charging port! What more do you need in a backpack for daily use or short trips? I would even use this as the main backpack for most of my trips!

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10. Travel Jacket

Women’s Travel Jacket

If there’s one thing that unites all travelers is that feeling that you might lose your valuables… from the tablet to the passport! With 25 pockets this jacket solves that problem! Furthermore, it’s fashionable, versatile and comfortable, in other words, everything you need in a travel jacket.

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Men’s Travel Jacket

Men also deserve to have nice, comfortable and functional jackets… Alike the above, this one carries the travel necessities so the carry-on baggage can be used for clothing. With everything organized securely on your person, check-ins are a breeze.

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So, what’s the traveler Christmas gift that you are going to get us? 🙂

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