The world’s most romantic retreats

There is nothing more romantic than traveling with your loved one. Relaxing, discovering new worlds and getting to know each other even better. The world is beautiful, and there are plenty of places that you just want to share with that special one on your side. We put together the list of the most romantic retreats, choose one and just… go! ūüôā

The most Romantic retreats in the world

1.Koh Ta Kiev, Cambodia

Imagine a desert beach with white¬†soft sand, turquoise warm water, with nothing else to do but lay down in the sun, read and swim… This beach exists and it is in a small and desert island in the south of Cambodia. Koh Ta Kiev is an island with no-Frills, no stress, no internet, and¬†only electricity at night. The island only has 3 or 4 hostels/bungalows, and restaurants serving typical¬†Khmer¬†food. We stayed in a shack by the sea with one bed and a mosquito net, and it was paradise. In the morning you will wake up to the sound of the waves, go for a swim in the hot sea, eat some fruit, relax and spend time with each other. You can even go for a skinny dip at night in that warm water. Koh Ta Kiev is heaven on earth.

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2. Kruger national park, South Africa

What is more romantic than spending the night in a luxurious tent or tree house in the African bush and waking up with a magnificent African sunrise? Doing a Safari in the Kruger National Park is undeniably an unforgettable¬†experience. The Kruger National Park is a magical place, it’s a reserve¬†park surrounded¬†by wild animals and the African savanna. Here you’ll discover the thrill of trying to spot the Big Five in their natural habitat. Plus, the opportunity¬†to do a sunrise bush walk with a guide that will explain all there is to know about the wildlife. And at the end of the day,¬†dining under a magnificent Marula tree and having a bush braai is the cherry on top.

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3. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a fairytale town in the north of Belgium. The harmony of the medieval buildings and the canals make the city very cozy and picturesque. It’s a good city for a romantic weekend getaway, a good place to celebrate love. The ideal time to go is in winter, although it can be quite chilly¬†you will enjoy better¬†the scenery in a cold atmosphere. Bruges demands that you indulge yourself in chocolate, it’s everywhere, in different shapes, colors and sizes. Besides all the chocolate, it’s very pleasant¬†to walk along¬†the medieval¬†streets or even doing a horse ride. Also, don’t forget to cruise all the canals surrounding¬†the city. At the end of the day, snuggle¬†in a luxurious and warm hotel, and rest by the fireplace with a hot chocolate cup.

We suggest you stay in GuestHouse Bonifacius, which is cute, hospitable, comfortable and has a fireplace! It also serves the best breakfast! Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

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4. The Big Perhentian Island Malaysia

The Big Perhentian Island in Malaysia has it all, paradisiac beaches, fantastic spots for snorkeling and diving, delicious¬†food¬†and fruits, as well as luxurious jungle treks. In particular, the Perhentian Island Resort¬†beach has perfect clear turquoise water with a coral reef full of fishes, rays, and turtles. You will want to spend the day in the sea just watching colorful fish passing by, and trying to chase rays and turtles. There is even a spot that has sharks, but don’t worry these are the friendly ones. If you get tired of the beach, you can always hike in the lavishing jungle of the island. The Perhentian Island resort is the best spot on the island, besides its stunning beach, it has all the commodities you need. A pool, a gym, a fantastic restaurant, it even has a diving school. Be aware that the Perhentian Islands are one of the best spots to go diving in the world. Besides all the marine life, it has some wrecked ships. All this makes it the ideal place to relax and enjoy life with each other.

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5. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Have you ever wanted to visit the Cinderella Castle?… Well, it exists and it’s the Neuschwanstein castle in Baviera, Germany. The Neuschwanstein castle is a fairy-tale castle adorned with balconies and turrets, surrounded by the lavishing forest of the Bavarian Alps. The castle is like a dream came true, the decoration is luxurious and eccentric, with a medieval style but at the same time modern for its era. Neuschwanstein Castle was planned by King Ludwig II of Baviera, he also built the Linderhof Palace (aka little Versailles) and the Herrenchimsee. Each of the castles has their quirky features like a grotto with electricity and hot water, and a hall of mirrors. All of his castles are simply beautiful, and let your imagination run wild.¬†The castles are close to each other, so you can easily visit them all. Stay in a cozy country house with a spa in the Bavarian Alps like Das Kranzbach and go visit Neuschwanstein and the romantic Bavarian Alps.

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6. Douro Valley, Portugal

The Douro Valley is one of Portugal’s most beautiful regions and is world heritage site. Due to its unique soil, microclimate and the landscape created by the Douro river, the grapes produce a fantastic and world renown, Port wine. The best time to visit this region is in September when the grape harvest begins and the wine is produced. It’s extremely romantic and beautiful, with all the autumn colors red, yellow and orange. The best way to see the Douro valley is cruising up the river Douro and enjoying the breathtaking views while taking a glass of Port. Stay in the typical “Quinta de la Rosa” where you can relax and enjoy the views and even take part in the winemaking process, like grape-stomping, and wine tasting.¬†You can¬†also visit the vineyards and caves where the Port wine is aged.

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7. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is a favorite¬†honeymoon destination for a good reason. It is stunning and a good place to relax and have fun. It’s an archipelago with dazzling beaches and tonnes of activities to do. You will have a great time surfing, visiting volcanoes, snorkeling in the corals, exploring epic waterfalls… It is simply an incredible place to go for a romantic getaway. Although very touristy, It’s well worth it, just make sure you don’t go during the high season, from December to April.¬†Come, have fun in Hawaii, and stay in a great resort like the Fairmont¬†Orchid Hawaii.

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8. San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian or Donostia is one of those cities that you just make you fall in love with. It is an elegant city with stylish buildings, old churches, and a vibrant culture. Moreover, the city also has a fantastic nightlife, full of bars serving pintxos (small gorgeous and delicious snacks) and wine giving it an incredible vibe. And, the best of it all, it has one of the most beautiful city urban beaches in Europe. Besides the pintxos, San Sebastian is also famous for having an incredible amount of Michelin restaurants, making it a foodies dream destination!

This is a pleasant city all year long, though in summer it can be really crowded. So, if you are thinking about a romantic retreat the low season could be the best option. Stay in the best hotel, the Maria Cristina a Luxury Collection Hotel, and enjoy visiting the city in a luxurious hotel.

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9. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a remote city in the north of Laos. This World Heritage Site is without a doubt one of the cutest and romantic cities in SE Asia. The city has a mixture of Asia and France, as it was under the influence of France for 58 years. Besides, Luang Prabang is surrounded by mountains which almost isolated it from the rest of the world, but also helped to preserve its unique cultural and architectural identity. The streets are filled with beautiful houses with charming balconies and adorable coffee shops. Plus, the food is great, and it is one of the only places in SE Asia where you will be able to eat great bread and pastry.

Besides sitting in the coffee shops enjoying the views of the Mekong the city has plenty of other activities to offer. You must do a cruise on the Mekong river, visit the several temples and assist the Buddhist alms-giving ritual. Go shopping in the night Market and have a relaxing massage are other things to do in Luang Prabang. Don’t forget to swim in Kuang Si Falls and visit the bear park, very close to the city. And if you still have time and energy, there are plenty of bike trails and hikes in the beautiful surroundings. We recommend staying at the¬†Belmond La Residence Phou Vao, a 5-star boutique hotel with an outdoor pool and stunning views.

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10. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest itself is a monument worth visiting, the buildings, the streets and the bridges on the Danube are simply beautiful. However, our favorite thing about Budapest is the Thermal Baths. Budapest has the biggest thermal baths in Europe, with 15 indoor and 3 outdoor pools, saunas and steam baths.¬†It’s pure heaven to relax in one of the city’s thermal baths at the end of the day. It is even more pleasant in winter, to be in a hot pool with 0 degrees outside. The baths alone should convince you to go to Budapest, nevertheless, the city has many other things to offer, like a romantic night cruise in the Danube, stroll around the castle district on Pest, or tasting the best paprika in the world. Budapest has several good hotels but we loved staying at the Buda Castle Fashion Hotel inside the castle district. It had a very romantic atmosphere.

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