Need to Relax? 5 Countries to Visit and Chill

We all love a relaxing break away from home every now and again, so it’s best to try and find a country which provides just that – relaxation and refreshment from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Today we’ve cataloged six different nations which provide you with the right ambiance to recharge after a stressful period at work or in your social life.

1. Iceland

Iceland has become world renown in recent months for their heroic exploits at the 2016 European Championships – where they were able to defeat England in the last 16 – but the real crowning glory is the serene landscape boasted by the Scandinavian isle.

A particular spot of interest comes in the form of the amazing Blue Lagoon. While it sounds like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie, in reality, it’s one of the most naturally beautiful spots on Earth.

A spa has been added to the resort, which includes the likes of a man-made waterfall and even a relaxation area.

If you are planning a visit to Iceland we suggest this 4-day itinerary.

2. New Zealand

Best Places to relax

With picturesque beauty standing out as an over-arching feature of New Zealand as a whole, it’s perhaps no surprise the Oceanic nation earns a spot on our list as one of the more relaxing locales to visit across the globe.

Having played host to countless locations in the popular Lord of the Rings franchise, the land of the Kiwis is without question a spot which is worth checking out if you’re after a relaxing break.

Roaming around picturesque landscapes and cozying up in front of a warm log fire is guaranteed way to help all the troubles of the world drift away in an instant.

3. Mexico

While Mexico has garnered a reputation for being something of a party capital in central America – particularly in spots like Cancun – the reality is there are still plenty of places which offer a more laid-back getaway.

Zipolite is one such locale, with the beach offers not only a far more relaxed experience when it comes to activities but also the dress code – although, naturally, this is optional for any lovers of the sand who want to keep their modesty.

With only a few hundred inhabitants frequenting the area, this is the ideal spot for people who want to enjoy the seaside and shore without being pestered.

4. Indonesia

Bali, located within the confines of Indonesia, is a spot which unsurprisingly offers holiday-makers an amazing option when it comes to relaxation – thanks primarily to the religious significance of the area.

There are countless ancient temples in Bali which are all viewed as hubs of Buddhist zen culture – something which is in and of itself directly linked to resting and relaxing. Make sure you check out the surfing communities around the island and stay in some traditional style accommodation, like this villa in Canggu, which features the perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern style.

Some of the best temples are also found in spots of immense natural beauty – only serving to add the peaceful nature of the already sacred establishments.

5. Hungary

Much like Mexico, Hungary is a nation that consists of some seriously party-heavy spots – but also has areas that would surprise you when it comes to their healing and relaxation abilities.

Budapest, in particular, is somewhere where visitors will be able to alternate between wild nights out and replenishment which will help you rest and recuperate.

Thermal waters from subterranean springs are pumped directly into spa pools – with the most famous and popular of these coming in the form of the outdoor Szechenyi Baths. Taking a dip in one of these is sure to cure what ails you. Have a look at these other cool things to do in Budapest.

Fancy a nice relaxing break on your next holiday? If so, give one of these spots a look-in. You won’t be disappointed!

This was a guest post written by Isabel Leong from