The SECRET to find the best hotel rates

This post aims to show the step by step method to discover the best rate for a night in a hotel. Many of you probably just go to or search for a while and then chooses the one you like best. Maybe you check into both or even Agoda, Venere or others… But this takes a too much time and is very inefficient. How do we do it?

We use a search aggregator! A search aggregator site is a site that goes through other searching and booking sites and displays their prices altogether for you to check. So, it basically does the job for you. What would take hours can now be done in seconds or minutes. After checking some search aggregator, we are now using almost exclusively In our experience, it’s the best! Why?


  • It’s very user-friendly – The menus are very simple and easy to navigate. The information is displayed in a very practical way.
  • It searches in barely every other site available (booking, hotels, Agoda, Venere, )
  • It allows you to sort (price, guest rating, and even distance to a place) and refine (stars, price, ratings, hotel features) your search results very easily;
  • if you already know the hotel you want to stay in, you can find which booking site gives you the best rate for it;

Let’s use an example, find a great value for money 4 stars hotel in Oporto, Portugal in the 7th of May. After a quick search, I liked “Quality Inn Portus Cale”.

Best Hotel rates with hotelscombined

As you can see, according to hotelscombined the best deal is through getaroom at 59USD per night and Hoteltravel 77 USD! Out of curiosity let’s check what happens if we go directly to booking and, two of my favorites:

Booking is quoting the same hotel for 97 USD!

Best Hotel rates

And is at the same price!

Best Hotel rates

Just to be clear, if we were going to book this we would have saved 18 USD to the second best rare and 38 USD to the two most used famous booking sites!

So, How do we do it? Very simple:

  1. Use Hotelscombined to search hotels in our destination;
  2. Refine search to appear only the best hotels according to ratings from guests – usual ratings of 7 or more ratings;
  3. Sort the results by the price;
  4. Ignore hotels that have very little photos and guest reviews, unless there are very little options;

Other things to note:

  • If you are staying more that one night, make a quick search for each night separately. I have found great deals by staying in two different hotels in the same city.
  • If you really want to be near a particular place, start searching hotels in a short radius to it;
  • We almost always exclude hotels that don’t have free WI-FI;
  • If you are driving, check if parking is free or easy to find; Remember that if you have to pay for parking your night can become way more expensive!
  • If you are using public transports, check if there are bus/metro/train stops close by;
  • Check if the breakfast is included… You can save a few bucks with free breakfasts.

The SECRET to find the best hotel rates

When we find the best two or three good value for money options, we always read the reviews of the hotels to make sure that there isn’t something very important that we didn’t notice by ourselves. Take close note of the bad reviews and if people are complaining about the same things.

The last thing we need to have in mind is checking what the price in is in the same hotel. If their price is the best or very similar, we always book with Why? gives one night free if you book 10 nights with them! In the long-term it’s roughly a 10% discount in every night you book through them.

Best Hotel rates rewards

These are our tricks to find the best value for money in hotels deals. We have been very pleased with this method, getting excellent prices for the hotels and very rarely staying in bad hotels!

Do you use any trick that we missed? Can we improve even more our method of finding the best prices around? Share your secrets with the traveler’s community 🙂

*Some of the links on this article are affiliate links, which means we will be paid a small fee for every purchase you make through those links, but you won’t pay anything more for it!

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