5 reasons why River Cruises are worth it

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a river cruise, then you’re not alone! In fact, the global demand for cruising has now surpassed 22 million people!

Once you’ve decided that a cruise is for you then you’ll need to choose between ocean-going and river cruise. You’ll also need to select your preferred river and route. The choice is impressive but you may wish to consider the fact that 71% of people still opt for a conventional steamboat on the Mississippi.

Companies such as the American Queen Steamboat Company have an enviable reputation for offering the best possible river cruise experience. Alongside this reputation, there are 5 excellent reasons why river cruises really are worth it.

Reasons to do a river cruise
Photo Courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company

Reasons why River cruises are worth it

The Scenery

We’re not just talking about seeing some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world. The truth is when you cruise you’ll get to see sights and even small towns and villages that you would never have seen without a cruise. These small towns may not even be noticed on a map but they can offer you some of the best experiences on your trip.

Reasons to do a river cruise

Upping The Ante

Where else can you pay a little extra and experience butler service or perhaps your own personal spa? Unless you’re already super rich these are not things that happen in your daily life.

But they are possible when you take a luxury cruise!

Meet & Greet

Many of the river cruise ships have moved away from the formal style dining that happens on the ocean-going ships. This means you can choose where you wish to sit while you dine.

The great thing about this is that you can enjoy exquisite cuisine from all around the world whether you’re having a romantic moment or making new friends.

You’ll find that the atmosphere on a river cruise encourages conversation as you admire the scenery and discuss a variety of subjects with passengers from across the globe.

Reasons to do a river cruise

Day Trips

A river cruise drastically reduces the chances that you’ll feel sea sick; there simply isn’t the same rocking motion.

But whether you are prone to seas sickness or not; you won’t be stuck on the ship. They are a myriad of day trips that allow you to explore the places you’re passing and get a real taste of the country you’re sailing through.

Why doing river cruise is worth it

Environmentally Friendly

Okay, so a cruise ship is going to put some pollution into the air. But in comparison to taking a plane trip, you’re definitely taking the environmentally friendly option.

In fact, many of the modern river cruise ships use solar panels and other environmentally friendly techniques to power the systems on board; even if they still appear to be a traditional steamboat.

The simple fact is that a river cruise offers something for everyone without the days at sea. There is always something to look at and a chance to escape… if you need to.

Once you’ve taken a river cruise you’ll be hooked!