4 travel tips that allow you to travel more

Traveling enriches the soul like few other things in life.

It’s a way of meeting new people and creating new experiences – a unique opportunity to make memories that last for the rest of our lives. But while ‘travel more’ is unquestionably at the top of most of our ‘to do’ lists, making that dream into a reality isn’t always straightforward.

All of us want to travel with work, don’t we? The younger generations demand it, in fact; with 39% of millennial workers (those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s) saying they wouldn’t accept a job that didn’t let them travel. To the next generation, travel is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. But before we can begin living that dream, we need some tips to get us there.

Beaches in Cahuita National Park Costa Rica 4 travel tips that allow you to travel more

So here are four things you can do immediately to bring you a step closer to travel more in 2019.

1. Credit cards and loyalty points

This a great way of giving yourself more opportunities to travel while you spend. Sign up for a credit card that allows you to accrue air miles or travel points while you do your weekly shop, pay your bills or even book your holiday. Make sure you pay off your credit card at the end of every month and you will steadily see your points grow so you are able to transform them into flights and hotel stays. Some people have even turned this art into a job that allows them to travel non-stop.

Look up The Points Guy and Turn Left for Less to find out how the experts maximize their points to travel in first class and business class every time they step on a plane. It’s a fantastic way of giving yourself the opportunity to travel more without drastically changing your life.

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2. It’s all about the bleisure…

A new word for 2019, created by combining business and leisure. And it sums up a growing trend in travel, where business travelers look to tag on a bit of leisure time at the start or the end of their business trip. And why not? So many business travelers only see the insides of airports, taxis, hotels, and conference centers when they travel, and it seems they have had enough.

A survey of travelers found that 81% of millennials look to add on personal time to a business trip, compared with 46% of baby boomers, and so it seems the younger generation is leading the way here, too.  

Aroma Islands San Blas 4 travel tips that allow you to travel more

3. Work remotely

There is nothing quite as liberating as being able to work from anywhere in the world. Not only does it allow you to work in Barcelona one day and Milan the next, but it opens the entire world up to you. And working remotely is a growing trend with more and more opportunities appearing each day.

A study has found that 70% of professionals are now working remotely at least one day per week, while some 53% do it half the week. And some remote workers are even choosing to sell their homes and rent apartments wherever they travel instead. The downside? Well, 22% of remote workers say the biggest drawback of their type of work is never being able to switch off. But perhaps the freedom to travel comes at a price?

Monkey in Cahuita National Park Costa Rica 4 travel tips that allow you to travel more

4. Money, money, money

What if you could make money while you traveled to either cover or offset the cost of actually being away? Well, that’s something we are seeing more and more in 2019. Many travelers are starting to rent out their own homes to fund their traveling abroad.

There is now a myriad of sites that allow you to make your place available to fellow travelers, either for short and specific periods of time or for much longer.

So, take some fantastic photos, write up a brilliant description of your home and list it at the time you are planning your trip. It might just allow you to cover the cost of your holiday and, as a result, travel much more regularly in the future.